Niche, but necessary
EC: The Toast Fork Will Save Your Fingers
Credit: Illustration by Lauren Kolm

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When you’re a person who likes to cook there is no limit to the crap you can accumulate. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched Chopped with a glassy look in my eyes because I discovered that there is such a thing as a hand blender and now I need it! So, when my boyfriend came back from a trip to his hometown with some new kitchen stuff his mom was looking to unload in tow, I was basically in heaven.

One of the things in the haul was a pronged wooden fork he told me was for fishing bread out of the toaster when it’s done so you won’t burn your fingers. I laughed it off since it sounded like something you’d get tricked into buying while watching QVC hungover. I put it in a drawer and rarely thought about it again.

If you’re anything like me, when you make toast you cannot control yourself. The second my sweet bread babies pop up, I dig into the toaster for them like Winnie the Pooh and the honeypot. Except, in this case, the honeypot is made of fire and pain. Tired of singeing off the last of my fingerprints, I decided to use this handy-dandy device. And let me tell you, my life was changed.

Any carb addict will tell you that you have to pull your toasted item out of the toaster as quickly as possible in order to eat it as God intended. If you leave it to cool—even a little— your butter will not melt, your cream cheese will make it soggy and it will be cold by them time you get down to eating it. And don’t even think about sticking a metal knife in your toaster unless you want to end up electrocuted and looking like David Bowie’s character in Labyrinth.

That’s where this magical item comes in. When my food pops up, I can get my it out of my toaster pronto and not experience searing pain as I shimmy it over to a plate. Not since Ariel from The Little Mermaid has a girl been so obsessed with a fork.

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Credit: Photo by Tom Grill via Getty Images

Niche items like this may seem silly when you first hear about them. But then you might hear yourself say, “I can just use my fingers and suffer like a normal person.” Or, “I like the thrill of holding what feels like burning hot coals first thing in the morning!” To you I say, one: honestly, be kinder to yourself. And two: an item like this may cost you no more than a few dollars, but it is durable and useful and something that is used nearly every day. It honestly pays for itself.

We often neglect to make our lives just a little bit easier in favor of what we think is an unnecessary luxury, but I am telling you: get the wooden fork. Life hurts in lots of ways, breakfast should not be one of them.