Are oats and caffeine the new bacon and eggs? Sure!
EC: The Starbucks Oatmeal Latte Could Be Your New Superbreakfast
Credit: Photo courtesy of Flickr User Dave Fayram

Move over, Coffeist and SlimFast. There's a new liquid-basde, nutrient-packed breakfast on the block. The Starbucks oatmeal latte combines two morning staples—oatmeal and coffee—and smashes them together in one bowl. The result is a delicious, nutritious, and most of all, efficient way to consume coffee, oats, and milk at the same time. But it's also a really great way to look kind of crazy in front of your regular Starbucks barista, since the oatmeal latte is certifiably an off-menu request. This one's so new, it's not even a canonical member of the Starbucks secret menu yet. So be prepared to keep your cool when trying to order an oatmeal latte from your favorite green-aproned espresso slinger.

As crazy as the Starbucks oatmeal latte might sound, there's method to its madness. A regular (i.e. not-as-awesome) Starbucks oatmeal comes with steamed water as its base. So instead, ask your barista to supercharge this component by adding the milk of your choice (soy and almond milk work too, for you non-dairy folks). Then—and this is where things get a little dicey—ask for a shot of espresso in the oatmeal container to top things off. If you get a weird or withering stare during this part, just ask for a shot or two separately and add them to your oatmeal off in some desolate corner of the store. (It's OK, you're just a misunderstood trendsetter.) Let the oatmeal cook a bit in the hot latte concoction, and add nuts and brown sugar to taste.

Now, the Starbucks oatmeal latte isn't completely new or original. Cuppa Joe Cafe in Breckenridge, CO, has been slinging oatmeal lattes since 2015. Owner Johanna Hirschboeck wanted to create the ultimate portable breakfast for her active, fitness-focused clientele. When asked whether the oatmeal latte is for sipping or eating, Hirschboeck said, "both." The item has gone on to become a cafe staple, and one Bon Appetit writer said it's worth flying to Colorado for all on its own.

If a trip to Breckenridge is not in your budget, the Starbucks oatmeal latte hack will serve you just fine. Plus, it's not nearly as hard to order as a Starbucks pink drink, and it's a hell of a lot less inconspicuous to walk around with. Just be ready to steel yourself in case you get a couple of baffled stares when you drop your doppio into a steaming bowl of steel-cut oats.