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EC: The Shake Shack Breakfast Menu Is Set to Expand
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Hold onto your buns, burger lovers. The long-coveted Shake Shack breakfast menu—once relegated to transit hubs like JFK airport and Union Station in Washington, D.C.—is set to debut in the chain's new outpost inside the Fulton Center in downtown Manhattan. The Fulton Center Shake Shack is nestled among other shops and restaurants inside the newly opened underground shopping center, and will cater to the area's numerous offices, tourists, and commuters along the eight subway lines that run through the bottom of the center every day (although they'll have to exit the transportation system if they want to snag a breakfast sandwich).

The Shake Shack breakfast menu will be available from 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. daily, and its offerings look pretty promising. Hungry patrons can choose from three different kinds of egg and cheese sandwiches, modifying their order with sausage and bacon, or keeping things simple without meat. Each sandwich features cage-free eggs and American cheese on a potato bun (which we all know is the only kind of worthy of a good hamburger). Plus, the Fulton Center Shake Shack has teamed up with Stumptown for its coffee program, offering an exclusive blend of drip coffee to complement its canned cold brew and pre-sweeted iced coffee options. Non-coffee drinkers can enjoy an array of fair-trade teas, as well as orange and apple juice.

And if you feel like you're starting to see Shake Shack everywhere, you might be right. The company expanded from a modest outpost in New York City's Madison Square Park to take over most of Manhattan, with nine locations in the heart of the city alone. Now, Shake Shack locations can be found in 15 other states and 12 other countries. Industry experts at the Motley Fool suggest that the expanding Shake Shack breakfast menu could mean that the a national breakfast rollout is on the way. No word from Shake Shack on whether or not that's the case for now.

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Whether or not the Shake Shack breakfast menu goes cross-country, it's undeniable that there's good reason for the company to consider such an expansion. Food retailers have fallen over themselves to win at the breakfast game, with McDonald's, Burger King, and even Taco Bell getting in on the act. The McDonald's all-day breakfast menu has boosted same-store sales by five percent, and now accounts for a quarter of the company's total revenue. The Burger King breakfast menu netted the company a 3.8 percent sales jump in the first quarter of 2016, only a hundredth of a point off from that of Tim Horton's, a more conventional player in the breakfast space.

Shake Shack breakfast options are focused on doing one core offering the right way, rather than offering a cornucopia of early morning eats. By starting small, the chain could leverage its early success into a foothold on the competitive breakfast sector. And with roughly $5 million in annual sales, breakfast might be the best way to keep the money pouring in. Plus, people are going to be hungry waiting on line for a Shake Shack lunch, so why not get there early for an egg sandwich before getting back on line for a burger?