An egg concoction that needs no filter
EC: The Rolling Stone Breakfast at Estrella Is Instagram Gold
Credit: Photo by Apeloga AB via Getty Images

There's a new kid on the block when it comes to the best Instagram breakfast dishes. West Hollywood is home to Estrella's Rolling Stone—a bacon-wrapped avocado with a soft-boiled egg inside. Los Angeles's food scene was abuzz about the dish before Estrella even opened earlier last fall. Between Chef Dakota Weiss's reputation as one of the city's strongest new chefs, and the fact she only whips up ten Rolling Stones each day, folks were lining up to eat at Estrella and get their hands on this Instagram gold. But now, as Estrella settles into its own, Weiss has taken the Estrella Rolling Stone egg breakfast and upped it a notch.

Enter the Rolling Stone: Volume 2. The new version of the photogenic dish includes a poached egg wrapped in prosciutto. The egg and prosciutto are then placed inside an avocado, which is garnished with shaved black truffle. As if that weren't enough on its own, the whole thing is then wrapped in bacon and adorned with even more black truffle. If you thought breakfast was a game, consider this your wake-up call.

The new Estrella Rolling Stone recipe has already caused some major waves since it dropped back in July. Laist likened the Rolling Stone: Volume 2 to the realization that "the new Terminator can walk through metal bars."

The preparation that goes into Estrella's Rolling Stone: Volume 2 must be seen to be believed. Weiss hand-carves the prosciutto, shaves the black truffle, and gingerly scoops the avocado for each dish. She then places the truffle-laden poached egg carefully inside the hollowed avocado, creates a pillowy layer of bacon, and lays it on top for a good, long fry. There's a reason that the Rolling Stone: Volume 2 is only available on weekends (and by calling in advance to reserve your own, natch).

But if you're willing to sacrifice your body for one of these bad boys, the Instagram gold you'll accrue will fall like rain. I mean, just look at these glamour shots:

The bacon. The hint of vegetables so that your mom doesn't call you and scold you for your life choices. This shot even makes the Rolling Stone: Volume 2 look delicate. Like a tiny meat rock. It's a thing of beauty, really.

This one, however, is the winner. The staging. The natural light. The cheese. Anyone who needs to get their photography game to a new level could do a lot worse than checking out this breakfast masterpiece. So if you want in on the Rolling Stone at Estrella, make sure your phone is charged, your hands are steady, and that you get a seat near a window. Flash photography doesn't jive with brunch, after all.