More like Burger Queen, amiright?
EC: The Queen Owns a McDonald's, Apparently
Credit: Photo by Geoff Pugh - WPA Pool via Getty Images

We all know Queen Elizabeth II does what she wants. She eats her royal breakfast before breakfast. She likes a gin cocktail. She tells President Eisenhower how to make scones. But it was still a surprise to find out that the queen owns a McDonald's outside of London.

The Crown Estate owns a McDonald's, as well as all the other stores, like Marks and Spencer and Primark, in the Banbury Gateway Shopping Center in the county of Oxforshire. Because it's not a personal property, any and all profit from this shopping center goes to the Treasury.

Like many McDonald's in the U.K., this particular location serves a full English breakfast, which includes things like porridge, tea, and bacon rolls.

What does set this location apart, though, is its updated design. It offers free wi-fi, phone charging stations, and Samsung tablets at various tables. Oddly, this McDonald's also offers table service—fit for a queen, indeed. (McDonald's, however, is quick to point out that these features aren't specific to this store.)

It's unlikely that any royals would show up at this McDonald's, or any other for that matter. The last time anyone from the Royal family visited Danbury was in 2008, and no one since Princess Diana has been known to frequent McDonald's. But you never know. As the Royal family does more and more "normal people" things—like Prince William and Kate sending Prince George to public preschool and Kate rewearing outfits—can scratching that itch for a Big Mac be far behind?