Happiness on a stick
EC: The PA Bacon Fest Is a Joyful Celebration of Pork Belly
Credit: Photos by David Williams

Last weekend, I got in my car and hit the road in search of bacon, and America, and Americans eating bacon. I found an abundance of all three at the annual PA Bacon Fest, which brought large crowds from around the country to the small streets of Easton, Pennsylvania. An estimated 75,000 people were in attendance to chow down on the beloved breakfast meat. Countless pounds of bacon were supplied by vendors who traveled from as far away as Quebec City. On top of multiple bacon-on-a-stick tents, guests were graced with many other options to get their bacon fix, including funnel cakes (topped with bacon), nachos (topped with bacon), and bloody marys (also topped with bacon). I met some people dressed like bacon and pets whose owners had put them in bacon costumes. I met groups of bacon fanatics who were so stoked to be in this pork-filled wonderland. In between filling their bellies, bacon lovers watched a sparsely attended costume contest and cheered on pigs in the “Hot Dog Pig Races.” The irony seemed to be lost on many of the spectators, but everyone was having a good time.

Here are my photos of happy people reveling in the bacon-y festivities.

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