No burning, no sticking, no tearing—just a perfect omelet every time
EC: The Only Omelet Folding Technique You'll Ever Need
Credit: Video and Photo by Alex Tepper

Here's how you know it's real: someone takes the time to make a perfect omelet for you. Soft scrambles, pancakes, and hash browns are great, but it takes a little bit of practice, care, and finesse to make a perfect omelet. They stick to the pan, they burn along the edges, they tear—but not on our watch. Extra Crispy's chef Jiselle Basille has made it her mission to perfect an omelet method that cooks, rolls, and slides from the pan perfectly every time—and it just takes a little patience. And butter. And the right pan. And did we mention patience?

Whisked eggs cook up fluffier, so take the time to get plenty of air into them before you pour them into the hot, well-buttered nonstick pan. Resist the urge to fuss, flip, and otherwise get up in those eggs before they're really ready to move. A gentle shake of the pan will keep them from burning and sticking, and a spatula nudge at the edges tells you when it's time to roll. It might take breaking a few eggs, but once you have your moves down, you'll be able to slide that baby right onto the plate—and into their heart.