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The year in breakfast journalism

Extra Crispy Staff
February 07, 2018

Extra Crispy began the year as an embryo. Back in January 2016, the site was just a glimmer in the eyes of forward-thinking Time Inc. executives who had a feeling the internet would welcome a breakfast website with open arms. And, oh, how they were right! Extra Crispy launched early in the morning on June 1 to loads of praise. Before June, some people would hear about Extra Crispy and go, Huh? A breakfast what? But once we were off the ground, publishing work by many fine writers, photographers, and chefs, their reactions soon became more like, Of course, an entire website about breakfast. I must subscribe to your newsletter! Which we're certain you already said, too.

Since launch, we looked for a Bacon Critic; hired a Bacon Critic; threw a bacon- and bloody mary-soaked festival in Manhattan called The BreakFestival; and published hundreds of recipes, videos, How Tos, personal essays, hot takes on hot cakes™, and two stories for the hotly debated Goats category. (Editors who were in favor of creating /goat were indeed on the right side of history.)

So, now let us do what people do when a year ends: pat themselves on the back for all of the cool stuff they did. In no particular order, here are the pieces our readers and editors loved the most during the six months in 2016 that Extra Crispy was a fully formed egg.

The Orange Juice Boycott That Changed America by John Birdsall

Illustration by Lauren Kolm

When You’re Broke, Breakfast Is Hot, Buttered Hope by John DeVore

photo by David Williams

50 of America's Best Diners by Various Contributors

Illustration by Lauren Kolm

The State of the Chicago Doughnut by Jason Diamond

Illustration by Lauren Kolm

The Best Bagels in the World Are in Charlottesville, Virginia by A. N. Devers


Diner Slang Is a Myth by Eileen Reynolds

Illustration by MAX TEMESCU

What to Eat for Breakfast if You Want to Live Forever by Carey Dunne

Photo courtesy of Zoltan Istvan

10 Breakfasts with Men I've Known by Alana Massey

Illustration by Lauren Kolm

Yes, You Can Make Those Little Japanese Omelets at Home by Jamie Feldmar

photo by David Williams

Why Breakfast Sucks in Washington, D.C. by Jennifer Steinhauer

Photo by Shawn Thew - Pool via Getty Images

12 Baristas’ Horror Stories About Their Worst Customers Ever by Caitlin White

Illustration by Lauren Kolm

Eating Breakfast Like Hunter S. Thompson Is a Terrible Idea by Michael Hafford

photo by Patrick T. Fallon

The Time I Thought I Invented Smoothies by Chris Offutt


This 3-in-1 Breakfast Machine Could Replace Your Kitchen by Margaret Eby

photo courtesy of amazon

What the Swedes Know About Breakfast That Americans Don't by Beth Stebner

photo by Tina Stafrén via

Why Livermush Matters to North Carolina by Sheri Castle

photo by Kat kinsman

The Case for Taylor Ham, New Jersey’s Beloved Mystery Meat by Jim Behrle

photo by David Williams

Make a McDonald’s McGriddle in the Safety of Your Own Home by Alex Tepper and Jiselle Basile

The Starbucks Puppuccino Is Your Dog's New Favorite Drink by Maxine Builder

photo by teresa sabga

You Need to Own a Balsamic Vinegar Hierarchy by Meredith Turits

gif by lauren kolm

Eating Breakfast Like Zelda Fitzgerald Is a Terrible Idea by Kit Steinkellner 

Photo by Photo 12 via Getty Images

How Art Critic Jerry Saltz Does Breakfast by Hanson O'Haver

photo courtesy of jerry Saltz

San Francisco’s Red Door Cafe Is a Wonderful Oasis of Strange by Michael Procopio

photo by Michael procopio

This Is Why Diner Toast Is So Damn Good by Ben Mims

photo by Sally Williams Photography via Getty Images

American Cheese Is Perfect by Kat Kinsman

Photo by Delmonte1977 via Getty Images

Soup Is the Breakfast of Kings by Heidi Julavits

illustration by jeremy nguyen

Are We Living in a Post-Bacon World? by Matt Gross

illustration by Armando veve

The World's Simplest Breakfast You're Probably Too Scared to Try by Paul Kita

illustration by Armando veve

How Lemony Snicket Does Breakfast by Teresa Sabga

photo by Ramin Rahimian

The Best Bacon in America You've Probably Never Heard Of by Scott Gold

photo by scott gold

51 of the Best Doughnut Shops in America by Various Contributors

gif by lauren kolm

Potsticker Huevos Rancheros Are Genius and Literally on Fire by Justin Warner and Alex Tepper

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