Welcome to Pinterest's Brunch Club

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: The Most Popular Brunch in Each State, According to Pinterest
Credit: Photo by 279photo via Getty Images

If you've ever wondered what's the most popular brunch in every state, you don't have to look any further than Pinterest. The internet's first stop for over-the-top brunch inspiration released a map of favorite brunch recipes from each state, based on the most-saved recipes from across the country, on a board called the Brunch Club. These aren't the top recipes or brunch foods based on total number of searches, Pinterest said in an email to Extra Crispy, "but rather what people in each state love proportionally more than people in the others."

So we have to ask the question: What are the most-loved breakfasts in each state, according to Pinterest?

Some of the state-by-state brunch favorites are pretty standard fare. For instance, Pinners in Nevada love avocado toast, while smoothie bowls are trending in Virginia. New Mexicans are into breakfast empanadas, though their neighbors in Arizona prefer breakfast tostadas.

Other brunch favorites totally play into stereotypes of the state, for better or worse. Like, of course Coloradans are searching for "paleo breakfast." After all, it's consistently the most physically active state in the union. (I wonder if anyone in Colorado has tried jerky, the most paleo breakfast of all time.)

But some of the favorite brunch dishes are total head scratchers. Like WTF is up with folks in Missouri who are searching for "party dips" for brunch? Sure, eating dip for breakfast is a delight, but do folks in Missouri really have enough brunch parties to necessitate all that brunch dip? And what is it about fruit pizza that entrances Indianians? Could someone from Vermont also please explain to me how you eat beets for brunch? Are there so many beets in the Green Mountain State that you just have to eat them from brunch (and if that's so, may I recommend making beet-cured lox or a roasted beet hummus)? I'm also kind of flabbergasted by New York's choice: breakfast risotto.

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Big ups to folks from Kentucky who are searching for ways to drink more bourbon for brunch, though. That's one brunch dish I think we can all get behind, regardless of where we live.