From Atlanta to Washington, D.C., here is the most popular breakfast delivery item in your city
EC: The Most Popular Breakfast Orders on Seamless, by City
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I’m going to let you in on a secret: on any given morning, you can pay a person a minimum of $15 (or $10 if you’re lucky) to bring breakfast straight to your door. If this fact blows your mind, then you fall into the limited camp of people who didn’t put two and two together that you could order an egg and cheese sandwich at 9 a.m. the same way you order Chinese food at midnight: via Seamless or Grubhub. “I'm not totally convinced anyone actually does it,” said Max, a writer from Queens. But for others, it’s a way of life. “I unfortunately seamless breakfast a lot,” says Nick, a Brooklyn-based musician. “During the week it’s generally eggs, avocado, and bacon because I’m too lazy to walk five minutes to the grocery store.”

“The weird thing is,” adds Spencer, a law student in D.C., “with an entire city to choose from I only hit up the same two places over and over.” He’s not alone. While people tend to eat different lunches and dinners daily, breakfast is a lot more routine. In fact, according to data provided by GrubHub, users have clear morning favorites that they return to time and time again, and it’s different depending on where they live.Here are the most popular delivered breakfast in ten major U.S cities:

Atlanta: Grits

Repping the South in style, Atlanta overwhelmingly prefers grits to any other breakfast food, ordering it 1652 percent more than anywhere else in the country. If they have to get something else, it’s buttered bagels.

Boston: Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Bostonians know exactly what they want, and if that’s chocolate chips in their pancakes, then by God, that’s what they’re getting—318 percent more often than any other city. A close second is corned beef hash.

Chicago: Biscuits and Gravy

It’s never to early to eat gravy, so Chicago residents are 2707 percent more likely to start their day with biscuits and gravy delivered right to their doors. This is probably accompanied by their second most common order, sausage links.

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Denver: Breakfast Burrito

While perhaps a contentious topic, breakfast burritos are the meal of choice for early risers inDenver, ordered 546 percent more than the rest of the country. At an almost equal percentage sits the sausage, egg and cheese sandwich (but who says you can’t order both?).

Los Angeles: Breakfast Burrito

Finally, the truth comes out. Despite what Instagram might claim, LA natives aren’t always reaching for green juice and acai bowls. They’re 694 percent more likely to get a big, greasy burrito, followed by steak and eggs.

Miami: Breakfast Wrap

The cousin of the breakfast burrito, the breakfast wrap is a favorite among America’s spring break capital, with hungover undergrads (and everyone else) ordering it 337 percent more. Failing that, they just get a croissant.

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NYC: Egg Sandwich

In news that surprises no one, New Yorkers are 732 percent more likely to add a scrambled egg sandwich to their bags, followed by an egg on an everything bagel.

Philadelphia: Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich

The breakfast-appropriate version of a cheesesteak, Philadelphians wake up to the smell of sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiches in the morning 943 percent more than the rest of us, but grits aren’t too far behind.

San Francisco: Eggs Benedict

The microclimates of San Francisco make every morning a perfect morning for Eggs Benedict 347 percent more often than other cities, followed by breakfast burritos.

Washington D.C.: Strawberry Banana Smoothie

It’s official. (No, it is not official) When Obama orders Seamless to the White House, he’s ordering a Strawberry Banana Smoothie. In fact, D.C. residents in general are a whopping 6086 percent more likely to get that than the rest of the country. They probably drink it with their second favorite order, breakfast wraps.