It’s topped with sea urchin, sturgeon roe, egg yolk purée, and my drool

Alex Tepper
February 07, 2018

Matthew Accarrino, Executive Chef of San Francisco’s Michelin-starred SPQR, likes bridging his two passions: cooking and cycling. In April, he set up shop in New York City’s Chef Club, a restaurant with rotating chefs from around the world. One of the dishes he's serving is an interpretation of his professional cycling team’s recovery meal of choice, a three-layered rolled omelet that resembles a Japanese tamago—only this one is topped with sea urchin, sturgeon roe, egg yolk purée, and chives. 

To create the dish, Accarrino makes three egg crepes with a mixture of eggs, white soy sauce, honey, and sea salt. Once the first crepe is cooked, it’s set to the side. Before the second is fully set, the first crepe is then layered on top of the loose egg so it sticks. To finish it off, this two-layered crepe is layered atop a third, making three separate layers. The final product is then rolled, wrapped in plastic, and placed in the fridge to set.

Usually when Accarrino serves this dish to cyclists, it’s “on top of rice with some greens... after a hard race for a recovery meal, but it worked it’s way into the restaurant topped with caviar and sea urchin as a luxury dish.”

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