From avocado toasts to fancy doughnuts, these were the dishes cluttering up your feed this year
EC: The Most Instagrammed Breakfasts of 2016
Credit: Photo by Flickr user reana

Back in August, the number of photos tagged #breakfast on Instagram sat at an impressive 46.6 million. As of December, it’s jumped to to almost 52, proving that breakfast isn’t just the most important meal of the day, it’s also the most beautiful. We explored this concept in depth over here, but the TL;DR is that there’s no one reason we love to share our breakfasts, it’s magical across the board.

Healthy, colorful, twee, indulgent, sharing breakfast creates a community that no one can resist. When looking for the most Instagrammed photos of 2016, it was hard to get more than a few weeks back before having enough meals to last a lifetime. Like a true breakfast warrior, I soldiered on, noting the repeat offenders and most common ingredients artfully arranged on plates and filtered through oblivion. While open to interpretation, here I present my findings.


Aided by what seems like the sheer abundance of (Inter)National Doughnut Days, the doughnut is a no-fuss breakfast that’s guaranteed to rack up the likes. Maybe that’s because it’s the only truly unhealthy breakfast that doesn’t necessarily look it. It can be colorful or simple, and has limitless composition possibilities. Also, just, like, they’re DOUGHNUTS.

Avocado Toast

You can barely walk through Brooklyn without seeing avocado toast, so Instagram is a total minefield. Luckily, avocado toast is as versatile as it is abundant, and 2016 was a year of real innovation. Keep it simple with pepper and lemon, or jazz it up with egg, Sriracha, seeds, and any other aesthetically pleasing thing you can think of.

Acai Bowls

Acai bowls are a wellness blogger’s dream, which is probably why you’re seeing them all over the place. It took me six months until I figured out how to pronounce this thing, and while it rose to prominence in 2016, it shows no signs of going away. I mean, you could paint with that beautiful purple-blue hue, vibrant and also oh so healthy. While I, personally, will never bring myself to eat that many superfoods in one go, I might just try so my Instagram can unlock that next level of trendy.