Because college students order coffee online these days
EC: The Most Caffeinated Colleges in the United States, According to Their Grubhub Orders
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It's no secret that college students are caffeinated—likely even over-caffeinated. And apparently the greatest coffee hack for college these days is not having dorm room coffee bar but ordering caffeinated beverages online. Yes, today's college students are ordering caffeinated drinks on the internet and having them delivered straight to their dorm rooms, and they're ordering a lot of them. According data sent to Extra Crispy by Grubhub, college students order about 10 percent more energy drinks than the general, non-student population on the online food delivery service. (Because keeping a actual coffee in your room with a drip coffee maker or even a dorm room fridge with cans of energy drink is too complicated, I guess?)

By digging into their data, Grubhub came up with a ranking of the most caffeinated colleges in the United States. They looked at orders of caffeinated beverages—defined as coffee, tea, and energy drinks—placed by accounts with .edu email addresses over the course of two semesters to come up with a list of the most caffeinated schools in the United States.

The most caffeinated college is the University of Chicago, which orders caffeinated beverages 138 percent more than other schools, according to Grubhub's data. They're followed closely by MIT, which gets caffeine delivered to its students 136 percent more than other schools. Third and fourth place go to two other Massachusetts campuses—Babson College and Brandeis University—and sitting pretty in fifth place is Kean University in New Jersey, which orders a healthy 78 percent more caffeine than other schools.

There are two Ivy League schools on the list: University of Pennsylvania in seventh place and Columbia University in eighteenth. A couple other New York City schools also show up, including Fordham University and New York University, which seems counterintuitive because these kids have access to the finest deli coffee any human could want at any hour of the day. You also might think that schools in cold climates tend to order more coffee, but both UCLA and the University of Southern California appear on the list so it could just be a lazy thing. Clearly making coffee, or even leaving the dorm or library to get some caffeine, can be too onerous for today's college students. So maybe instead of giving your soon-to-matriculate college student a coffeemaker, you should give them a gift card to Grubhub instead.

Here's the full ranking of the most caffeinated colleges in the United States, according to Grubhub:

  1. University of Chicago orders caffeinated beverages 138% more than other schools
  2. MIT orders caffeinated beverages 136% more than other schools
  3. Babson College orders caffeinated beverages 122% more than other schools
  4. Brandeis University orders caffeinated beverages 98% more than other schools
  5. Kean University orders caffeinated beverages 78% more than other schools
  6. University of Rochester orders caffeinated beverages 73% more than other schools
  7. Penn orders caffeinated beverages 72% more than other schools
  8. NYU orders caffeinated beverages 65% more than other schools
  9. Sarah Lawrence College orders caffeinated beverages 63% more than other schools
  10. UCLA orders caffeinated beverages 60% more than other schools
  11. Ithaca College orders caffeinated beverages 48% more than other schools
  12. Binghamton University orders caffeinated beverages 41% more than other schools
  13. Carnegie Mellon University orders caffeinated beverages 40% more than other schools
  14. Syracuse University orders caffeinated beverages 36% more than other schools
  15. University of Southern California orders caffeinated beverages 33% more than other schools
  16. Northwestern University orders caffeinated beverages 30% more than other schools
  17. Fordham University orders caffeinated beverages 30% more than other schools
  18. Columbia University orders caffeinated beverages 30% more than other schools
  19. George Washington University orders caffeinated beverages 21% more than other schools
  20. Ohio State orders caffeinated beverages 21% more than other schools
By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder