Doughnut you want one?
EC: The Krispy Kreme 79-Cent Doughnut Deal Gets You a Dozen for Less Than a Dollar
Credit: Photo by Bloomberg via Getty Images

PSA for all Krispy Kreme lovers: Something amazing is happening today in the world of doughnuts. The Krispy Kreme 79-cent doughnut promotion begins this morning to celebrate the chain's 79th birthday. For less than a buck, you can get a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts for only 79 cents with the purchase of any dozen doughnuts in participating stores in the U.S. and Canada.

Founded in Winston-Salem, NC, Krispy Kreme originally opened and began frying the iconic doughnuts on July 13th, 1937. Along with the Original Glazed doughnuts, Krispy Kreme advertises a full menu of other flavors as well, such as cinnamon sugar, glazed chocolate cake, strawberry iced, cinnamon apple filled, chocolate iced glazed with sprinkles, and a variety of doughnut holes, plus signature Krispy Kreme coffee drinks. The chain has even dipped into selling other breakfast items, like bagels and oatmeal.

Krispy Kreme is known for its legendary red hot light—a brightly lit oasis for warm doughnut-deprived customers—that, when turned on, allows doughnut aficionados easy visibility to determine they can purchase hot doughnuts right off the line.

Seventy-nine years and over 1,000 locations later, Krispy Kreme is consistently heralded as a doughnut lover’s dream spot.

Not sure where you can take part in the Krispy Kreme 79-cent doughnut deal? You can find your closest shop on the Krispy Kreme homepage.