Because every drop of Sriracha counts
EC: The Inventor of the Sriracha Ninja Understands Your Hot Sauce Struggles
Credit: Photo courtesy of Sriracha Ninja

The design of the Sriracha bottle is iconic, with its unmistakable green nozzle that contrasts with the bright red sauce. But that uniquely shaped bottle drove one German man to so much frustration that he took a stand and created the Sriracha Ninja to deal with some of the Sriracha lover’s most common struggles. According to the product’s Kickstarter, which launched yesterday, the Sriracha Ninja for those who understand that “every drop of Sriracha counts,” a simple device that will help you make the most of every precious bottle. Daniel Kalliontzis is the inventor of the Sriracha Ninja and Sriracha enthusiast behind this project, and he spoke with me about some of the struggles all Sriracha lovers know all too well, because he knows them, too.

Kalliontzis admits to eating Sriracha with “almost every meal,” though one of his favorite things to eat is steak with Sriracha. “I just ate it, ten minutes ago,” he told me in a Skype interview. Kalliontzis also owns his own 3D printer, and after getting so annoyed the poor design of the Sriracha bottle, he created the Sriracha Ninja. “I think many people eat Sriracha and maybe have the same problem that I have, so it was a reason to put it on Kickstarter,” he explained.

It takes a Sriracha lover to know one, and Kalliontzis gets it. So if, like Kalliontzis, you can also understand the frustrations of loving Sriracha too much, then you’ll probably be wondering why you didn’t come up with the idea for the Sriracha Ninja first. Here are some of the most common Sriracha struggles, according to the inventor of the Sriracha Ninja.

It’s hard to get all the sauce from the bottle

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Credit: Photo courtesy of Sriracha Ninja

There’s no other way to say it – The Sriracha bottle isn’t optimally designed to get all of the sauce from the bottom. If you’re starting to run out, “You can’t put it upside down, the bottle, because it’s always tipping over in the fridge,” explained Kalliontzis. “You have to put two bottles together and the Sriracha in the middle, and squeeze it in or something” in order to balance it. He continued, “Every time you open the fridge, then the bottle, because the tip is so small, falls out of the fridge.” The Sriracha Ninja was born of this frustration, allowing the bottle to rest upside down, and let gravity do the work of getting the Sriracha out, saving you from extensive bottle shaking.

The nozzle gets crusty

Though Kalliontzis maintains that the main goal of the Sriracha Ninja is to help the bottle balance when it’s upside down, he also gets annoyed with the crusty nozzle that tends to build up if you use Sriracha often enough, especially if you’re shaking it constantly to get every last drop of hot sauce. That sticky nozzle cap isn’t pleasant to look at and can make it hard to open up.

There’s never enough

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Credit: Photo via Flickr user Steven Depolo

Even if you do use something like the Sriracha Ninja to get every last drop out of your bottle of Sriracha, if you’re a true Sriracha lover, you know there’s never really enough. Kalliontzis, for one, goes through about a bottle of Sriracha every single month, even with the use of the Sriracha Ninja. “I really love Sriracha, but the bottle is always empty in my fridge because I use it so often,” he said. But at least this little plastic device will help his bottle last a little bit longer, even if he still needs to re-up every month.

You have until July 22 to support the Sriracha Ninja on Kickstarter, and you can see the device in action – along with some pro-Sriracha drizzling – on their page.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder