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One man's quest for cheese has become the latest internet-anointed viral plight

Ashley Hoffman
February 07, 2018

The harrowing tale going around Twitter features a displeased customer’s valiant fight against clearly labeled butternut squash that he thought was cheddar cheese. Twitter tales are a wildly entertaining but not necessarily accurate grand tradition of the internet.

But according to innocent bystander James Dator who documented the whole ordeal on Twitter, this poor, poor reasonable man was all set to spread out the superior orange chunks—cheddar cheese—for his guests, but then something terrible happened. He realized he accidentally bought butternut squash.

Determined to set things right, he went straight back to the supermarket to exchange the “rabbit food” for the cubed cheddar. It gets crazier from there.

Turn on Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and read the full account below.

It’s like they never say. One man’s squash is the internet’s gift. The original tweet from Friday that started it all was retweeted 1,172 times and liked 2,889 times by Tuesday.

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