When it comes to bagels, the #GreatCreamCheeseDebate is *on*
EC: The Great Cream Cheese Debate: How Much Is Just Right?

There's science in the schmear. Go on, ask anyone: If they're putting cream cheese on a bagel, there's no way they're just arbitrarily slathering on their spread. There's a method to the madness. A precision in the ratio. And we're willing to bet that your perfect bagel probably looks different than the one on the plate next to yours.

That disparity is what sparked the Great Cream Cheese Debate. Because, really, how much cream cheese is the right amount of cream cheese to put on a bagel? Are you supposed to schmear it on so thick that it's equal parts bagel to cream cheese? Or is that insane? Should it be a delicate layer so that the cream cheese is perfectly even and thin, smooth across the top like ice? Or is that practically inedible?

We could argue all day—and, believe us, we do—but, instead, we partnered with Arla to have four influencers where they fell in the Great Cream Cheese Debate. Here are Brunch Boys' Jeremy Jacobowitz, One More Dish's Alexandra Romanoff, Molly Tavoletti, and Eating NYC's Alexa Mehraban on the #GreatCreamCheeseDebate.

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