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Bobo’s to the rescue

Rebecca Firkser
May 01, 2018

When you work at a breakfast website, you find yourself eating a lot of granola bars for things like taste tests. Because work-life balance is tricky, I spend a lot of my time outside of the office eating the very same granola bars I tested at work. And I have a confession to make: I don’t really like most of them. Sure, the bar probably has a decent flavor (especially if it’s chocolate- or coconut-flavored) and OK texture. Most, however, are sticky and cloying. For me, there’s one bar that stands out among the pack: Bobo’s.

Bobo’s are sturdy oat bars that are satisfying in taste and fill me up for longer than an hour, which in my mind is the mark of a good breakfast bar. Essentially a hybrid between an oatmeal cookie and a granola bar, they resemble a homemade baked good more than any other packaged bar I’ve eaten. The bars are tender and chewy without being stuck-in-your-teeth-level sticky. They also just so happen to be vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

A blend of rolled oats, brown rice syrup, and oil, the ingredients list on a Bobo’s bar basically looks like the baking shelf in my kitchen pantry. Some have nuts (or nut butter), seeds, dried fruit, or chocolate chips, and they’re bound together with xanthan gum, a stabilizer often used in gluten free baking.

Technically, one Bobo’s bar is two servings, which in my opinion is ideal—two for the price of one, hello. I’m always looking for a bargain. For me, they work perfectly into my morning routine, which often includes a 6 a.m. trip to the gym. While I can’t do a full meal less than an hour before a workout, I need something in my stomach, preferably in the carb department. I eat half a Bobo’s bar with a shot of espresso right when I get up, so by the time I’m working out I won’t get sidelined with hunger. Later, I’ll crumble the other half of the bar into a bowl of yogurt or eat it plain, maybe dunked in the foam of a fresh latte. A Bobo’s bar is basically cookies for breakfast, and I am a strong proponent of that.

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