Rise and shine
EC: The Eight Sleep Smart Mattress Will Make You Hate Mornings Less
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Eight

Look—we can all agree that mornings are hard. There's coffee to make, breakfast to eat, showers to take, and pants to put on (arguably the worst part). That goes double during the winter, when mornings start off colder and darker. There are plenty of gifts that could help make mornings easier, but few go beyond fancy coffee makers, all-in-one breakfast machines, and other gizmos to make breakfast a more turnkey process. But to really take the sting out of your morning routine, look toward your mattress. In particular, the Eight sleep smart mattress, which is basically a comfy morning butler.

The age of the "smart mattress" is upon us, wherein our beloved sleeping companions can provide you with data about your night's rest, can change the hue and brightness of your lights, and yes—can even make you a cup of coffee. And the Eight sleep smart mattress promises a slew of integrative features that might make the early hours of the day a little bit easier to bear. It can pair up with smart coffee makers, smartphones, and smart lights. The Eight sleep smart mattress pairs with Alexa, Amazon's home assistant, to warm itself at your command, too. And best of all, the mattress works with popular app IFTTT, which sends automated commands based on a user's actions. So now, if you want your wake-up to turn off your phone's silent mode, load your email, or even turn on kitchen appliances, you're good to go.

Before dropping its first smart mattress, Eight sold smart mattress covers that had many of the same functions, turning any old mattress into a high-powered data machine. The Eight mattress cover started by way of a successful Indiegogo campaign and now retails for $235. The actual Eight sleep smart mattress, however, is going to set you back quite a bit more with its $950 price tag.

But even though souped-up sleep comes at a steep cost, 'tis the season to indulge a bit. Sure, putting Eight's sleep products on your holiday list might be a little bit bold, but this is the kind of gift that makes sense to give to yourself. After this much time with your relatives in a not-so-fun time to engage in small talk about the state of the world, you might as well rest easy at night. Especially if the Eight team finds a way to have their mattresses make mimosas in the morning.