Bacon in miniature has zero health risk
EC: The Cutest Mini Food Videos on the Internet
Credit: Photo courtesy of Walking With Giants

There’s no shortage of mini food videos on YouTube. You can find tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos and these mini doughnuts, just to name a few, but Walking With Giants is different. This stuff is gourmet. The mini food videos start with some scene setting. Some pleasantly jazzy tunes, a peek out the faux window, a shot of the ingredients and some props that give you the feeling that miniature people will surely be dining just as soon as the video cuts out. Then, the tips of fingers begin to maneuver the ingredients with impressive dexterity and the aid of a mini whisks, mini rolling pins, mini cutting boards, a mini cast iron pan, and the tip of an X-Acto knife. Walking with Giants is not messing around.

The disembodied fingers cook the dishes, which feature real ingredients (including all the spices you’d need in a full-sized version) on a miniature stove, powered by a tea light. And in case you wanted to replicate the recipes at home, in miniature or full size, the fingers hold up itty-bitty handwritten ingredient descriptions at the beginning of each step. After a few minutes, the dishes appear plated at a mini table and chairs set for two.

In the six months of videos on the Walking With Giants YouTube account there are all manner of mini food meals spanning cuisines, dinner, dessert, lunch, and breakfast. Here you'll find the world’s smallest chimichanga, mini pozole, mini French toast, mini cinnamon buns, and mini bacon and eggs. The fact that these mini meals would be far from filling does nothing to convince your salivary glands that they wouldn't be delicious. Enjoy your trip down the rabbit hole. See you after lunch.