EC: The Cutest Latte Art Dogs of Instagram 
Credit: Photo by MrNovel via Getty Images

I’ve learned a few things scrolling through pages and pages of latte art on Instagram. Namely, milk is a perfectly acceptable medium for artistic expression; in the latte-art community bears are outnumbered only by leaves and tulips; and latte art dogs are special creatures. You’d think the ubiquity of both dogs and lattes in our lives would be reflected in popular latte art, but that simply isn’t the case. On Instagram, dogs are less common than bears, hearts, abstract swirls, and cats. What I'm saying is there should be more latte art dogs on Instagram—many more—because if you wake up to a pup in your cup, there’s no way you’ll have a bad day.

I asked my local barista if latte art dogs were more difficult to create than any of the other animals that appear frequently in latte art. She said to create a basic dog it's mostly a matter of starting with a bear and then altering the ears slightly. I suggest you stop by your local coffee shop and ask your barista to do the same. In the meantime, here are some fine examples of adorable dogs trapped in lattes. Any excuse to celebrate both coffee and our best buds.