Hide yo' kids, hide yo' scales
EC: The Cheesecake Factory's Fried Chicken and Waffles Benedict Wins a 2016 Xtreme Eating Award
Credit: Photo courtesy of The Cheesecake Factory

America is known for many a great thing: the Great Plains, Great Lakes, and even a Great Pyramid (in Bedford, IN). But nestled among these things lies greatness of another kind—calorie-dense chain restaurant food. The Center for Science in the Public Interest recently announced this year's Xtreme Eating Awards, which are given out to the worst restaurant meals that pack more calories, saturated fats, and sugars into one meal than a person should likely consume in an entire day. Among this year's winners—Applebee's Build Your Own Sampler and Marco’s Meal For Two at Maggiano’s Little Italy—was one gut-busting breakfast item, the Cheesecake Factory's Fried Chicken & Waffles Benedict. This brunch bomb came in at a whopping 2,580 calories (nearly 600 calories more than the average man should consume in a day), 86 grams of fat (a four-day supply), and nearly 3,400 milligrams of salt (about 48 hours' worth).

In other words, ordering the Fried Chicken and Waffles Benedict is "like eating two Marie Callender’s one-pound Chicken Pot Pies topped with half a stick of butter and a quarter cup of maple syrup," according to a CSPI press release.

Even on a good day, the amount of calories in eggs Benedict is already pretty steep. A homemade serving clocks in at 715 calories, while your level of restaurant-style eggs Benedict calories can easily hit the thousands. (And if that doesn't gross you out, you could always go for cricket eggs Benedict if you like). Most of the calories in eggs Benedict come from the Hollandaise sauce, which can account for as much as 500 calories in one serving. But when you include the calories in chicken and waffles, you're hitting the 1,000 mark before you even poach your eggs.

Now of course, the Cheesecake Factory's Xtreme Eating Awards inclusion is not without some other remarkably unhealthy items. Sonic Candy Slushes also made the cut, considering they are literally made of candy. A RT 44 Grape Slush with Rainbow Candy comes in at a staggering 970 calories per serving. You'd need to run a 10k, followed by a 5k cool-down, just to burn off this beverage. So if you were planning on a pre-Cheesecake Factory beverage at Sonic before hitting the gym, you might want to reconsider. Or stock up on insulin. And have a good endocrinologist booked on ZocDoc.