Spread cold, hard butter on hot toast with this gadget
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EC: The Butter Mill Will Solve Your Cold Butter Problems
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Cooks Innovation

One of breakfast's most notoriously frustrating tasks is spreading hardened, cold butter onto a hot slice of toast, so there are quite a few intrepid inventors who have developed devices to easily spread cold butter and home cooks who have developed some hacks to help. One classic trick to spreading cold butter on toast is to take your hardened stick of butter and grate it, like it's cheese. But that can be a dicey proposition, especially in the case that the butter slips out of your hands. There are also heated butter knives to help cold butter spread, but those seem like a first-degree burn just waiting to happen. That's why the Butter Mill from Cooks Innovation might be the best gadget to turn cold butter spreadable—without the risk of losing a finger or any other kind of mortal injury.

The Butter Mill is similar in design and concept to one of those Play-Doh extruders. Simply store your favorite stick of butter inside the Butter Mill, and when it's time to butter your toast, twist the device. You'll get spaghetti-like strands of grated butter, which are significantly easier to spread onto a slice of toast than a regular, cold pad of butter. And you don't even have to worry about accidentally cutting the tips of your fingers on a cheese grater. (Can you tell that I'm terrified of using cheese graters?)

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Credit: Photo Courtesy of Cooks Innovation via Amazon

Now, some will say that the Butter Mill won't fix all your buttering needs, that perhaps a butter bell is a more practical solution. To that, I say—I mean, you're not wrong. A butter bell keeps your butter at room temperature for up to a month if you change the water regularly. But let's get real. If you're desperate enough to need a device to soften your butter for you with as little effort as possible, you probably don't have the patience to change the water in your butter bell. Might as well spend the $19.99 to get a Butter Mill, and keep yourself from shredding your toast in the morning.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder