Move over limes, and come on in, pickles

By Brian Lauvray
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: The Best Way to Liven Up Light Beer Is With a Pickle
Credit: Photo via Getty Images

Beating the heat comes in many shapes and forms. From Dogfish Head’s brand new hydrating SeaQuench Ale, to poolside, frozen, margaritas boozy enough to make Jimmy Buffet wobble, to classics such as light beers and shandies, there’s no shortage of delicious libations to cool you down on a humid summer day. But there's a new contestant in the ring for the best boozey concoction of the summer: Beer and a pickle. Yup: Esquire reports that a new trend from America’s heartland calls for your next Miller Lite to be garnished with a pickle.

"Pickles are the perfect snack: cucumbers soaked in evil. It complements the lager because of the slight vinegar and salt notes that get picked up," Joe McClure, a midwesterner and pickle purveyor, tells Esquire. The science backs this claim up. The brine from a pickle is packed with salts that help your body replenish those oh-so-crucial electrolytes that are stolen from your body by sun while you sip icy beverages at a backyard BBQ via the process of perspiration and excretion (aka: sweating and peeing.) The same principle holds true for a delicious hefeweizen with a lemon wedge, or even a shandy or beermosa whipped up with a beer and lemonade or orange juice.

It makes sense, really. Picklebacks have been a standard in bars for a while. The briney, salty taste of a pickle can cut through the boozey aftertaste in no time. Plus, it's not far from another Midwestern treat my grandmother used to make: a shot of pickle brine mixed with soda water, served up to ease the heat of a summer day. If it can work with soda water, it can probably work with beer.