Because sparking water makes everything better, even hangovers
EC: The Best LaCroix Hangover Cures
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Some of the best hangover cures are born of necessity, in a dash to the fridge the morning after to find some cocktail of beverages that will hydrate you, keep you awake, and prevent you from yacking. That's how I came to know LaCroix as a hangover cure. I have cases of the stuff stacked in my foyer, even more cans stuffed into the high humidity crisper drawer of the fridge (because who needs vegetables when you can have LaCroix?). On more than one occasion, I've been hungover, stumbled to my fridge, grabbed a can of LaCroix, and chugged because, quite simply, there was nothing else around. What I've found, based on these personal observations, is that LaCroix is a great hangover cure.

You can't really go wrong with any flavor of LaCroix, there some LaCroix flavors that will cure your hangover more effectively than others. I'm partial to lemon LaCroix for mornings when I'm looking to take a cold can of sparkling water straight to the face, maybe because I don't have the wherewithal to do more than pop a tab on a can. The strong citrus scent perks me up, the bubbles settle my stomach, and the water makes me start to feel human, and hydrated, again. Peach-pear LaCroix is a divisive flavor, but I also find it's a reliable hangover cure on its own. It might have something to do with the fact that pear juice is a scientifically-supported hangover cure, though since peach-pear LaCroix only includes natural flavors of pear, not the juice itself, I doubt it.

Sparkling waters like LaCroix are actually pretty effective at getting you hydrated, which is what you need when you're hungover AF. But you don't have to drink LaCroix straight from the can to make the most of this hangover cure. Once you've mastered the art of sipping on LaCroix to cure your hangover, start mixing it with other brunch beverages—because sometimes you still need a little hair of the dog with your seltzer.

You might be skeptical, but members of the fizzing community will back me up on the power of mixing your drinks. Plus, there's rigorous armchair science and plenty of anecdotal evidence backing these LaCroix hangover cures. Try one out the next time you wake up with that cottonmouth and a pounding headache in the middle of a spinning room, and you'll believe me when I say that LaCroix makes everything better, even hangovers.

Coffee and LaCroix

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Coffee is not generally recommended as a hangover cure because it is a diuretic that will dehydrate you more, and sometimes, when I'm hungover, the thought of the taste of coffee makes my stomach turn. But I know that I need something caffeinated in order to make it through the day, which is how I came up with this coffee and LaCroix combo. This mix of sparkling water and coffee is a one-two punch—with the sparkling water offsetting the negative, dehydrating effects of coffee. Plus, fizzy coffee is a totally a trendy thing right now, so you'd be so on brand.

You've got two options here, depending on what's readily available to you. Fill up half a glass with cold brew and top it off with coconut LaCroix. If you're feeling some expresso, fill up a glass with ice, pour an espresso shot over it, and fill the rest of the glass with orange LaCroix.

Champagne and LaCroix

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I have started experimenting with mixing LaCroix and booze to varying degrees of success, because sometimes you need a little bit of alcohol to help you take the edge off your hangover. (Also because I never have chasers, but I always have LaCroix.) Replace the orange juice in your mimosa with tangerine LaCroix. This works best if you have a leftover bottle of sparkling wine from a party (or, you know, your life) the night before with just a little bit of booze left. Pour that into a glass and top with either pamplemousse or tangerine LaCroix. Again, using chilled sparkling water is going to get your the best results.

Bitters and (Berry) LaCroix

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Seltzer and bitters is one of those strange hangover cures that you don't think is going to work, but then you drink it, and you're like, "Oh." Bitters are a traditional cure for an upset stomach, and though they're generally paired with citrus-y drinks, try it with berry LaCroix.

Cider Vinegar and LaCroix

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People who love apple cider vinegar really love apple cider vinegar and tend to claim it's a cure-all for everything that might ail you. But ACV, as it's known among health food aficionados, can actually be a great hangover cure. It's something about enzymes or balancing your pH or something like that? I've never been too clear on the science behind ACV, but what I do know is that drinking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar that's been diluted with a full can of apricot LaCroix and a lot of ice cubes will put your stomach at ease and make your head feel less cloudy.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder