What to get the expert home cook who has everything
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EC: The Best Kitchen Gift for Your Parents Is a Smart Sous Vide
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Anova Culinary

It can be a real struggle to find a gift for a parent who likes to cook, because what do you get for the person who already has a fully stocked kitchen? You want to give them a kitchen-friendly gift that they'll actually use. But your parents probably have everything they might possibly need to make a B&B-worthy breakfast, including a coffeemaker that doesn't pump out sludge, a sharp chef's knife that'll slice tomatoes without any trouble, even a trusty cast-iron skillet that's probably decades old but it's so well-cared that, at this point, you can't even tell its age. That's why the best gift for an experienced home cook is something to push the limits of their cooking technique, challenge them to learn something new, and will leave them with delicious food on their plates.

Enter the sous vide, a method of cooking food, especially meats and eggs, in a water bath at a consistent and even temperature that's definitely not for the inexperienced. Though the most popular dish to cook using sous vide is probably a thick steak, it's also kind of the coolest way to make breakfast. For example, you can sous vide cook bacon. You can also make sous vide poached eggs, sous vide oatmeal, even sous vide French toast.

This year's most buzzed about sous vide is probably the Anova Precision Cooker Sous Vide. The immersion cooker's clever design works with any pot your parents might have on hand in their kitchen, and you really don't need any additional equipment to make it work. Simply fill the pot with water, place the food in question in a plastic zip bag, and clip that bag to the side of aforementioned pot, ensuring it's fully submerged in liquid.

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Credit: Photo Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

And even if your parents already somehow happen to have a sous vide, they probably don't have one that's both WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled. Yes, the Anova Precisions Cooker is a smart sous vide, meaning that the user can control the cooking temperature and time on their smartphone, using the accompanying app. It'll also guide the user with some recipes, which will help them figure out how to use the thing (but chances are high that'll only be after you, the child, help your parents set up the connectivity).

So challenge your parents to go beyond their comfort zone and become even better home cooks with a sous vide. Plus, if you're lucky, you'll get to eat the fruits—or, you know, breakfast meats—of their vacuumed labors.

Anova Precision Cooker Sous Vide WiFi, $199, crateandbarrel.com

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