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EC: The Best Holiday Gift for Your Coworker Is a Glass Water Bottle
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Picking out the perfect gift for your coworker can be a struggle. You want to give them something that's practical yet unique, without being too personal. And sure, you could give them a bottle of wine or a nip of whiskey, but wouldn't it be nicer to give your coworker something that they could enjoy during normal office hours? If you're looking for a thoughtful gift for your coworker that they'll actually use, consider a water bottle. Not the plastic sports water bottle from the company's charity 5K, though. We're talking a high-end glass water bottle, like those from bkr. It's something that'll look nice on your coworkers desk and will help keep them healthy, hydrated, and happy. Seriously.

I know it sounds dumb, but giving your coworker a water bottle is, like, the nicest thing you can do. When you're dehydrated, your body's not running on all cylinders. The symptoms of dehydration can include dizziness, headaches, sluggishness, and general confusion—and that means that being dehydrated can also make you actively worse at your job. Dehydration also tricks your body into thinking that you need a snack, when really, all you need is to drink some water. Since as many as 75 percent of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration, chances are good that your coworker is dehydrated, too.

So by giving your coworker a water bottle for the holidays, you're doing them a real service, especially since drinking water first thing in the morning is great for productivity. (And let's be real. You're also doing yourself a favor, because dehydrated people tend to be crankier, and you don't want to put up with that for eight or more hours every single day.)

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It also looks nice. The glass bottles from bkr are meant to sit on your desk, almost an art object themselves. Plus, the glass means the water won't be left with a plastic or metallic taste, even if it's left sitting on your desk overnight. The larger, one liter bottles cost $45, while the 500 milliliter bottles are $35, and since they come in an array of colors, you can personalize it a bit.

If your coworker is hydrated, it'll be easier to work with them. Plus, what better gift is there than the gift of good health? And that's why a glass water bottle is the best gift for your coworker or boss, because, if anything, with this gift, your boss should be thanking you.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder