EC: The Best Breakfast in Austin Is a Breakfast Taco
Credit: Photo Courtesy Mi Madre's

It was announced earlier this week that the Texas legislature chose not to name breakfast tacos as the Lone Star State's official breakfast item. I like to think that designation would've just been perfunctory anyway. That's because the best breakfast in Texas is breakfast tacos, and if breakfast tacos are unofficially the official breakfast item of the state of Texas, then Austin is the hot zone. It seems like every single person from Austin has an opinion about which breakfast taco is the best, and every food publication has some sort of roundup of Austin's essential breakfast tacos. Some places pop up on everyone's lists, like Veracruz All Natural and Tacodeli. But when you talk with people in the know, one place that consistently comes up near the top is Mi Madre's.

If you're a regular reader of Extra Crispy, you've probably heard of this spot before. Writer Phillip Pantuso swears that Mi Madre's has the best breakfast tacos in Austin, writing, "I’ve probably been to Mi Madre’s 50 times and can enthusiastically recommend any of their breakfast offerings, but the most representative breakfast taco on the menu is the #0: bacon, egg, potato, and cheese." And he's not alone. "It is a beautiful place to go for brunch," writes Jeremy S. on Yelp, adding, "The breakfast tacos are HUGE."

But, as with any good breakfast joint, there's got to be some versatility, and at Mi Madre's, the breakfast tacos aren't the only dish to write home about. Mi Madre's serves up a breakfast burrito that Raven G. described on Yelp as, "outstanding. Potatoes for days, didn't skimp on the avocado, bacon-ey enough to satisfy my cravings, and not too much cheese. My favorite aspect—I removed the foil, and it didn't fall apart! I still think about that burrito most days." There are also breakfast platters, like the New Mexico, which is two fried eggs topped with green chile sauce, marinated pork adobado, home fries, and refried beans. "I couldn't have asked for a better, or more filling breakfast," wrote Valerie S. on Yelp, noting, "My dad talked about it all day."