Mastering the art of the egg
EC: The 5 Best Egg Dishes in the World
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Eggs are often thought of as easy to prepare, but there are some gourmet egg dishes that will make you rethink everything you’ve ever known about omelets. Some of the world’s finest restaurants, even those with Michelin stars, are getting into the gourmet egg game, elevating the simple egg by pairing it with the world’s finest ingredients, from black truffles to sea urchin, in carefully composed recipes. There are even restaurants around the world that are solely dedicated to the art of the egg, transforming this humble ingredient into the centerpiece of meals that can be enjoyed any time of day.

These aren’t the egg dishes you’ll find at your local diner, that’s for sure, and though there’s something to be said for the simple pleasure of a straightforward scramble, these five restaurants are changing the egg’s reputation, from a proletarian staple in every pantry to a gourmet ingredient fit for a five-star meal, one dish at a time. Here are five restaurants serving up seven of the best egg dishes that go far beyond simple sunny side up or modest omelet.

Eggs Rothko (Egg, Brooklyn)

On weekends at Brooklyn’s Egg, you can order the Eggs Rothko, an over-easy egg cooked in a thick slice of brioche topped with melted Grafton cheddar cheese. On the side is broiled tomatoes and your choice of either seasonal vegetables or meat. Protip: Get Egg’s candied bacon on the side.

Coco Meurette (Eggs & Co., Paris)

Eggs & Co., located in Paris’s Latin Quarter, is a unique brunch spot amid the city’s countless cafés that offers much more than a simple café au lait and croissant. Their signature Coco Meurette is a French bistro-inspired eggs Benedict, offering two poached eggs on grilled English muffins with bacon bits and onions cooked in a red wine sauce.

Creamy Eggs with Sea Urchin (Casa Mono, New York City)

Casa Mono, a tapas restaurant with a Michelin star, has two over-the-top egg dishes on its menu in addition to more traditional Spanish fare. For $19, you can get a duck egg with black truffles and mojama, a kind of cured Mediterranean tuna. There’s also the creamy eggs with sea urchin, ancient anchovy oil, walnuts, and lime.

The Slut (Eggslut, Los Angeles)

Though LA’s Eggslut is known for their gourmet egg sandwiches that go far beyond the simple bodega version, their signature dish is the Slut: “a coddled egg on top of a smooth potato purée, poached in a glass jar, topped with gray salt and chives, served with slices of baguette.” But folks on Yelp also rave about the Fairfax, an egg sandwich on a brioche bun, made with soft scrambled eggs with chives, cheddar cheese, and a drizzle of Sriracha.

Egg on Egg on Egg (SakaMai, New York City)

If you’re looking for something egg-ceptional, Japanese izakaya SakaMai offers the Egg on Egg on Egg. It’s sea urchin and sturgeon caviar served on soft scrambled eggs with a dash of dashi to tie the plate together. Served with a wooden spoon, it’s meant to be enjoyed by two.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder