Pour out a bottle of Dom for the Grand Cru Slam
Credit: photo by Bloomberg via getty images

If spending $300 on a Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast is still on your bucket list, here’s some news you’re sure to find upsetting: The upscale Denny’s in Lower Manhattan that was best known for serving a Grand Slam breakfast for two that came with a bottle of Dom Perignon for $300 has officially closed three years after its much ballyhooed opening.

This one-of-a-kind Denny’s located in the Tribeca neighborhood was Manhattan’s only outpost of the chain, and the owners played up that distinction. More chic eatery than down-home diner, the location featured hip décor like brick walls, tin ceilings, and leather booths. In an attempt to drawn in the happy hour finance crowd, the bar—yes, this was the first East Coast Denny’s with a bar—had its own craft cocktail menu and weekday drink specials. But its biggest claim to fame was “The Grand Cru Slam," which was billed on the menu as “Grand Slam entrees for 2, Dom Perignon Vintage 2003 Champagne & a bartender high-five” and sold for an even $300.

Dropping into the new restaurant a couple months after it opened in 2014, Eater NY was told by a bartender that this Grand Cru Slam was ordered “about once a week—you’d be surprised.” That said, his hand certainly wasn’t sore from high fives, and apparently the amalgam of NYC style and Denny’s branding wasn’t moving enough of these pricy, buzzworthy breakfasts to stay afloat. This week, a Denny’s rep admitted to Eater that the experimental iteration “has not been financially sustainable” and was officially closed for good. The chain has other locations in New York City in the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, but the days of being able to hit up a Denny’s in Manhattan are no more. At one point, there was discussion of opening more of these fancy Denny’s around New York, but those plans would likely seemed finished as well.

So if you happen to have a bottle of Dom Perignon lying around at home, maybe now is as good a time as any to cook yourself some pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausages, pop the cork on that bad boy, and then pour a bit on the ground in honor of one of breakfast’s fallen heroes. You will be missed, Grand Cru Slam.