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EC: The 25 Best Brunch Instagram Accounts
Credit: Photo by Alex Tepper

Here’s the thing about taking pictures of the giant breakfast sandwich you’re about to shove into your waiting gullet: Unless you’re a professional, or are really dedicated to your craft, the resulting image might not look that awesome. Breakfast food is tricky to photograph! Egg yolks that run perfectly onto a porcelain plate go from gorgeous to gloppy in seconds. A rainbow bagel, sliced for the gods and held aloft in your perfectly manicured hand looks better in your head than in real life. Making avocado toast look like anything other than unappetizing on Instagram is a trickier endeavor than most.

Enter the food bloggers and brunch Instagram accounts that provide much-needed inspiration and motivation for you to get up, get out, and get ‘grammin. Lucky for us mere mortals, there are dedicated souls who spend their days and their nights perfecting the art of the perfect brunch Instagram so the rest of us can study up. Within this terribly aspirational list of brunch and breakfast Instagram accounts, you’ll find all the inspo you need to quit your day job and begin a lucrative second act as a person who takes pictures of their food for social media. New year, new you!

All bloody marys should come with pepperoni.

If your croissants aren’t shot from above, then did you actually eat a croissant?

The bagel shop that started it all.

Gotta have your well-decorated java.

I would eat pancakes if they looked like this, but alas, normally they don’t.

Both breakfasty and midcentury modern.

Hot cereal actually looks… decent? For once?

Two breakfasts are better than one.

Shakshuka is eternal.

I, too, enjoy eating doughnuts on the beach.

Eggs and caviar—standard Tuesday fare.

These breakfast tacos look good and so does that dog. :)

Good plate. Good eggs. Good coffee.

Every breakfast should come with a Pollock-esque balsamic reduction.

Really coming around to this porridge thing.

I’d eat this.

I would also eat this.

The syrup looks like gravy and somehow, it works.

Pancakes and nutella, a winning combination.

Perfect for both eating and feeling smug at the same time.

I’m not entirely convinced this is food. But I’ll take it.

Don’t slut shame eggs! (It’s fine, you can, it’s fine.)

We should all eat more doughnuts.

Eat your oatmeal. Your mom would be so pleased.

Eggs. Avocado. Cheese. How has this not won Instagram?