You'll want your face on this milk carton
EC: The 13 Best Breakfast Costumes for Halloween
Credit: Photo Courtesy Jackman Chiu via Flickr

If we've learned anything about Halloween as we've gotten older, it's that the holiday is just as much fun for adults as it is for kids. Sure, we may not get as much candy as we used to, but now we're free to create halloween costumes that are stranger, edgier, or just plain offbeat. It comes as no surprise that there are multitudes of halloween breakfast costumes of every shade, stripe, and variety. Whether you're looking to make a Bloody Mary costume from scratch or want to buy the best halloween breakfast costume you can find at the store, the options are limitless.

But with so many breakfast halloween costumes floating around the internet, it's hard to figure out which ones are the best. Even more importantly, it's vital to make sure your strip of bacon costume looks better than anyone else's. And god forbid you show up as a store-bought mimosa only to find that someone else has done the exact same thing. How gauche. How uninspired. How... dare I say, basic.

Here's our take on the best breakfast halloween costumes the weird, wacky, world wide web has to offer.

1. Kellogg's Frosted Flakes (with Baby)

Whether you're a big Tony the Tiger fan, a parent to a newborn, or simply have a tiny friend that can fit inside of a Baby Bjorn, have we got the costume for you. This next-level box of Frosted Flakes takes a kitchen cupboard staple and makes it all kinds of anthropomorphic, featuring a real life tiger right on the front. Or, you know, a tiny cute baby dressed as a tiger. Same thing. Bonus points if you do have a friend who could fit in that baby sling, though.

2. Face on a Milk Carton

All who wander are not lost. But whose who are lost can end up with their face on a milk carton. Lucky for you, this breakfast Halloween costume lets you have the best of both worlds as you stumble around a boozy Halloween bash, wandering in search of your life goals while the world knows that deep down inside, all of the bite-sized Snickers bars in the world can't help you regain what truly went missing: your inner sense of purpose.

3. Lipton Tea Bag

OK, so I purposely picked a photo of an adorable child to make you check this one out, but you could totally make this Halloween costume in adult sizes as well. And if you really want to class up the joint, you could always opt for a nice Darjeeling or English Breakfast tag, rather than your average run of the mill cuppa. And if you're a smoker, you could opt for Lapsang Souchong and see who gets the joke at the party. Boom. You just made a new best friend.

4. Human Mimosa Tower

This one's not for those with social anxiety. Nor is it for people who like to share. But if you're feeling like becoming the life of the party and want people picking at your costume all night, then why not show up as a mobile mimosa station? Everyone would be thrilled to see you, no one would throw shade at what you're wearing, and you could all but guarantee yourself a personal space buffer zone with that industrial-strength crinoline.

5. Cereal Bowl Costume

Alright guys, this costume is on a new level. The spoon? On point. The bowl? Well done. But the scene-stealer? Froot Loops. A cereal bowl costume might take a bit more work than, say, dressing up as a strip of bacon, but this one's a clear winner. Best of all, you could swap out the bowl's contents for any number of other breakfast cereals. More of a Cocoa Puffs gal? Covered. Granola lover? Say no more, fam. You could even repurpose this costume by making two bowls, putting one on your head. Bam. You just became an egg. Thank me later.

6. DIY Avocado Costume

This one's a total winner for both women and men. Pregnant? There's your avocado pit. Beer belly? Gentlemen, you're in good company (although I recommend shaving your gut to really clinch it). Plus, if you find an attractive person dressed as a piece of bread, you've got yourself an #ontrend icebreaker. But if someone's dressed as a yam, resist the urge to make sweet potato avocado toast. That just ain't right.

7. (A Very Meta) Iron Chef

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Credit: Bburrpurr/IMGUR

If you're comfortable making visual puns, explaining your costume ad infinitum, and don't mind carrying an iron around all night, then rolling up to a Halloween party as an Iron Chef is just the thing for you. Especially since it really requires no advanced prep. Especially if you're already an actual chef.

8. DIY Waffle Costume

Look at this dude. Just look. That cocksure pose. That smug grin. Those delicious-looking waffles hanging from his confident, sinewy shoulders. This is perfection—a combination of inspiration, laziness, and an attitude that lets everyone know that you've conquered Halloween by keeping it simple. A costume good enough to eat. Except, you know, don't. Because it's two big pieces of foam board. Bonus points if you wear a duplex on top of your head and become a Waffle House. Then you really get to own your smugness.

9. Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Coolatta Costume

Forget dressing up in a pumpkin spice latte costume. This is how you keep it real. The whip's on point, the typeface is perfect. And the straw? You know you gotta have the straw. You zig when everyone else zags, and that's just the kind of hustle that makes you stand out at a Halloween shindig.

10. Unwelcome Cup of Coffee Halloween Costume

OK guys, I don't even know what's going on with this one. Why is this person in a coffee cup Halloween costume? Why is he or she on the Brooklyn Bridge? And most of all, why are these newlyweds so pissed off to see a huge cup of coffee photobombing their nuptial photoshoot? This is the kind of happy coincidence that dreams are made of. But these folks look disgusted by the coffee's presence. Maybe they're tea people, and that's OK too (jk, coffee 4 lyfe). I'd make this dude my best man if I had the chance.

11. Jelly Doughnut Halloween Costume

Some doughnut costumes are so uninspired that they only require you to put a pool float around your waist and call it a day. Others have a neoprene sleeve with a silkscreened doughnut on the front and back. That's wack as hell. If you're gonna be a doughnut, put your back into it. Doughnut like you mean it. Go for something big, fluffy, and filled with jam. Be the doughnut you wish to see in the world.

12. Giant Pop-Tarts Halloween Costume

Dressing up like a Pop-Tart is just as easy as eating an actual Pop-Tart. It's quick, cheap, easy, and fulfills your costume (and hunger!) requirements. Plus, you could pick from your favorite Pop-Tart varieties. Which means that you can make a s'mores Pop-Tart costume because that is the only acceptable answer [Ed. Note: Not true—it's actually strawberry].

13. Zombie Starbucks Barista Halloween Costume

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If you feel like a zombie before you get your morning latte, you're not alone. But what do Starbucks baristas feel like before they get their caffeine fix? Now you can find out by becoming a zombie barista. Replete with the green apron, lack of visible tattoos, and inability to spell your name right, this zombie barista costume will get you in the Halloween mood.