Hold me closer tiny dishwasher

By Margaret Eby
Updated December 11, 2018
Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BrQKo5Tnj5y/

Working at a food website, I get sent many press releases about new miracle kitchen gadgets. Some are intriguing, some are genius, some are baffling, and some I dream about at night. The item that I thought about the most this year, the one that I am always feverishly checking the internet for, is the Tetra Countertop Dishwasher by Heatworks. It was announced in January of this year, at the Consumer Electronics Show, as a collaboration between Heatworks and Frog Design. And I honestly believe that it could change my life.

It's a countertop dishwasher that has no tank, requires no hook-up to a water source, and goes through a cycle in ten minutes. You can control it with your smartphone from afar. It's energy efficient, it's stylish, and most importantly of all, it will fit into my New York City apartment without occupying half of a room or ruining the whole floor. It even looks like you can use the bottom part as a regular old dishrack when it's not running. I think about it when I'm hand-washing a pile of dishes in my tiny Brooklyn sink. I think of it during parties when I am using every single item of flatware and stemware I own. I think about it in the way that a cartoon man stranded on a desert island thinks about a ham hock. I need it in my life.

Originally, the dishwasher was going to come out this year and cost $299, a very reasonable price to pay for relief. But 2018 has worn on an no sign of the Tetra. I even signed up for their emails. Last month, I got an update that I opened with high hopes—but no. Not yet. Right now, the Tetra looks like it'll be ready for the public in spring or summer 2019, which is, I guess, a reason to look forward to another year on our rapidly collapsing planet. Until then, I live in hope for the day I can throw away my dishwashing gloves.