It's not just in your head
EC: It's Official: Tequila Causes the Worst Hangovers
Credit: photo by Richard Theis / EyeEm via getty images

Tequila has a bit of a reputation. At every party, if tequila is broken out, you hear at least one person say "Oh god, keep that stuff away from me" or "Tequila makes me crazy." But it turns out that tequila is the most likely to lead you to absolute hangover hell—at least, according to a recent survey. polled 2000 Americans on their drinking habits, including which alcohol gave them the worst hangover. All people who participated in the study had to have been drunk at least one time in the last year. The study found that Americans ranked Tequila as the worst hangover of their lives at 22.94%, followed by vodka (20.82%), wine (17.02%), and whiskey (15.43%).

However, getting a nasty hangover isn’t the worst thing in the world—especially if you look at the results of this survey. Over one in three people surveyed said that they'd woken up naked after too many drinks--this time, most often because of beer, vodka, or wine. Meanwhile, 66 out of 2000 people got a tattoo while drunk, with four in five of those people saying it was because of beer.

But perhaps the stupidest thing you can do is most often influenced by tequila—in men, that is. Out of men who were arrested for DUI, most of them were drunk on tequila. For women, however, wine is the most common offender.

Check out the full survey here, and here are a few tips: Remember to drink plenty of water when you’re partaking in that cruel mistress called tequila. Use this nonalcoholic tequila chaser instead of a mixed drink. And if you end up waking up with a raging headache, do yourself a favor and buy yourself some LaCroix. You’re welcome.