No car, no service

Credit: Photo by sergio_kumer

A teenage girl in Anthem, Arizona, had one birthday wish: to get drinks at a Starbucks drive-through. One caveat: she wanted to go on horseback. ABC15 Arizona reports that Aspen Cline and her friend attempted to ride their horses through a local Starbucks drive-through in Anthem, but were denied service by the stunned barista.

“We weren’t given any reason, just ‘we can’t take your order’,” said Cline to ABC15, who filmed a segment covering the situation. “Me and my friend, we were going to get Frappuccinos for us and a cup of whipped cream for the horses.”

Apparently, Cline was inspired to ride to Starbucks on her horse after seeing videos on the internet of other people being served at various fast-food drive-throughs on horseback. Yes, this is really a thing some people do.

“We support Starbucks because they're very accepting,” said Aspen’s mother Tandy Cline. “So we were kind of disappointed we got thrown to the side from such a great company.”

ABC15 reached out to Starbucks, to which they were told that their drive-through is for cars only, a policy that is encouraged for animal, rider, and employee safety. The Starbucks spokesperson who comments to ABC15 also noted that in this particular instance, the barista was mostly just surprised, and didn’t really know what to do. However, the spokesperson did say that with advance notice, they would do their best to serve all creatures in the future.