Help British teen Sean Gibson make his weird food dreams come true

Credit: jfmdesign/Getty Images

Bathing in things that are not water is often a sign of opulence. Bathing in champagne seems pretty dope, if sticky, and bathing in milk is an old-timey beauty secret for getting youthful, bouncy skin. Usually requesting to bathe in a substance is a metaphor, and not literal, for though you may love, say, an incredible ragu a whole lot, actually bathing in it would be borderline unpleasant. And yet, because we live in the most literal era,18-year-old Sean Gibson has made local headlines for setting about to fulfill a dream of taking an actual bath in actual gravy. Not just any gravy will do, either: Gibson's request is for KFC gravy. And he's started a GoFundMe to make it into a reality.

"You maybe thinking [sic], ‘why does this young man desire such a strange venture?’" Gibson writes. "Long and short of it is, I bloody love KFC gravy and it would a pleasure of not just mine but also other lovers to see such a feat." I mean, whatever else, the young man has moxy.

Is it something he would actually seriously do if the time came? That's sort of unclear. "The idea started as a joke and it’s nothing more," Gibson told Chronicle Live. To me it sounds like a Mitchell & Webb skit about Extremely British Behavior.

In either case, Gibson is currently seeking 475 GBP for the opportunity to fill a bathtub in gravy. He has currently raised zero pounds. Godspeed, Gibson. And to the rest of the UK: Stay weird.