Want some gelato? Grab a hammer.

Credit: Photo courtesy of @bdubnick

How do you measure superhuman strength? Is it a matter of lifting the most weight at the gym or pulling an 18 wheeler with nothing but your own brute force? There may not be a consensus, but it sure sounds like the ability to open a Talenti Gelato lid with your bare hands would surely place you among the most powerful people to walk the earth these days.

That’s because Talenti lids have been screwed on so tight in recent times that prying them open constitutes a Herculean feat of strength. This isn’t a case where hot water or one of those rubberized grip things will do the trick. Instead, would-be gelato eaters have enlisted the kind of tools and methods more likely to be associated with a prison break than a pleasant dessert.

One only needs to scan Twitter to see how Talenti fans have been forced to rely on scissors, screwdrivers, and other blunt instruments to pry their way into their beloved Gelato.

Sometimes snack time basically doubles as a home improvement project.

This one paints a particular morbid picture.

I don’t even want to know what happened here.

The problem isn’t entirely new, either. Talenti itself admitted last fall that an “over-zealous lid tightening machine” was to blame. The preponderance of recent evidence suggests that the kinks haven’t been fully worked out just yet. But as Talenti tells it, the poor little lid machine that just doesn’t know it’s own strength “has now been fully fixed,” according to a statement the company provided to The Wall Street Journal. “As new pints hit store shelves, there will be fewer and fewer pints with tight lids out there.”

That’s cold comfort to Talenti customers like Rhiannon Brown, though. “I do muay thai kickboxing. I’m a strong person,” said told The Wall Street Journal. “I would give up, put it down, go back to it a little bit later. I was just getting so angry.” Her ultimate solution? Stab her Talenti Roman Raspberry sorbetto with a knife, and then reseal it with packing tape between servings. Many a Google search and Reddit thread has been dedicated to the subject, with posters at least feeling thankful that they aren’t alone in their plight.

So if you’ve felt weak and pathetic trying to twist the top off of a Talenti pint recently, just know that you’re probably stronger than you realize. Hopefully everything in the world of store-bought Italian-style ice cream will be back to normal presto.