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It's like a halva Kit Kat

Rebecca Firkser
November 02, 2018
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I’m not really a candy person because most candy is garbage. However, there is one I genuinely do love: halva. The fudgy candy made from sesame paste and sugar is basically melt-in-your-mouth, solid tahini. So you can imagine my reaction to a package that recently arrived at my desk: several packs of TahiniBar, a new snack bar made by Absolutely Gluten Free that’s essentially a Kit Kat-sized piece of halva.

I was a little nervous about trying them, though. I eat a lot of weird foods as a breakfast journalist. Chickpea butter (which was actually quite tasty), camel hump fat (it smelled and tasted like a wet dog), cold chocolate-dipped yogurt bars (those somehow managed to grow mold underneath their chocolate coating—yikes). But I’ve never been so happy about a taste test. The TahiniBars are almost as great as the halva I buy by the pound at Seed + Mill, which is to say, pretty dang good. Available flavored with vanilla, cocoa nibs, and pistachios, the bars also contain sugar, glucose syrup, vegetable oil, and emulsifiers. Also tahini, duh.

TahiniBars, which are Parve and gluten-free, have a nutty and rich flavor. They're perhaps a tad too sweet, but they’re pretty small bars, so I didn’t find myself in a sugar crash an hour later. I only have one qualm with TahiniBars: They’re not really an energy bar, like it says on the package. Sure, sugar and fat will give you energy, but we’re not talking about an apple and a handful of almonds here. TahiniBars are plain and simple a treat (odds are Treat Boy Ryan Grim will be poking around my desk for one soon) and there’s no need to make them anything more than that.

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