Pour one out for Chicago's Wrigleyville Taco Bell

Photo: Getty Images/Elijah Nouvelage
| Credit: Getty Images/Elijah Nouvelage

Taco Bell’s entire “Fourth Meal” campaign was basically shorthand for “Taco Bell is a great place to eat when you’re hammered." So we probably shouldn’t be surprised that just days before a Taco Bell in Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood is slated for demolition, a nearby bar will be holding a wake in its honor.

This area near Wrigley Field is “years into a wave of real estate development,” according to the Chicago Tribune, and the latest victim is a still-open Taco Bell that's set for demolition next month. The restaurant has been in the neighborhood for 24 years. Taking its place will be “a larger retail building.”

Located just a six-minute walk away, Nisei Lounge—which bills itself as “Wrigley’s oldest tavern” and has been in the neighborhood for 67 years—has decided to throw an official wake for what will soon be its former neighbor.

“Wrigleyville's last bastion of burritos, gorditas, and good decision making is getting the wrecking ball in November. Though we're Team Burrito Mexicano around here, we know greatness, and the Wrigleyville Taco Bell always had it, if not in the food or the service, but definitely in the people watching,” the bar explains on the official Facebook event listing. “So join us on October 28th from 3-7pm as we give Wrigleyville's home of the Chalupa, 7 Layer Burrito, Doritos Taco and so, so much more a proper Irish wake. There will be toasts and drink specials, and yes, if it's still open there will be Taco Bell ‘food’ too.”

As Munchies reports, the forthcoming wake isn’t the first time this particular Taco Bell location has garnered an excess of attention for its future closure. Last August, not long after the planned redevelopment of the site was announced, a man by the name of C.J. Black jokingly posted a “Save the Wrigleyville Taco Bell” rally to Facebook that took on a life of its own before the “event”—which he insists was never really meant to be taken seriously and actually happen in the first place—had to be cancelled.

Meanwhile, Nisei Lounge’s wake appears to be very real. In fact, the bar is requesting that all attendees RSVP on Facebook to make sure they “have enough bartenders, beer, and kleenex available.”