Better buy bigger pants

Brian O'Connor
February 06, 2018

Just when you thought the current spate of fast-food breakfast menus were plentiful enough as it is, it turns out that a Taco Bell all-day breakfast program is being tested at one Dallas-area location. News of the possible Taco Bell all-day breakfast menu sighting broke earlier this week via one enterprising eater at GrubGrade, who posted photos of signs that suggest that at least one location offers the Taco Bell breakfast menu's one-dollar items at all hours, rather than just the morning. Best of all, the window signs themselves look like they came from Taco Bell HQ as well, rather than coming from inside this specific location itself. 

But before we all get too excited, corporate teams were quick to say that the Taco Bell all-day breakfast menu isn't coming any time soon. The company's corporate headquarters was quick to assert that an assortment of $1 menu items are available throughout the day—not just breakfast foods alone. However, given how many other restaurants have launched all-day breakfast menu items, such as the McDonald's all-day breakfast menu and the Jack in the Box Brunchfast program, and have found them to be pretty successful (and buzzworthy) at locations across the country so far.

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