Murray's cheese shop and Oddfellows teamed up to make an Annelies cheese-flavored ice cream

Credit: Photo courtesy of Oddfellows Ice Cream

Ice cream and cheese don’t seem like they should be strange bedfellows. They’re both made with milk, meaning they’re dairy brethren. And yet, with a few easy-to-spot exceptions—strawberry cheesecake ice cream, for example—cheese ice cream sounds weird. Sure, maybe cheddar cheese ice cream (real thing) doesn’t sound quite as weird as something like mayonnaise ice cream (another, sadder, real thing) but how does this sound: New York’s famed Murray’s Cheese is about to unleash a limited-edition Swiss cheese ice cream. Are you excited? Turns out, maybe you should be.

Annelies isn’t your everyday cheese. Not long after it was introduced, this raw cow’s milk cheese from Switzerland’s Appenzell valley even got a shout out in the New York Times, so you know it's hip. But here’s what makes Annelies so special: Before partnering with Murray’s, Walter Rass, the cheesemaker behind Annelies, only sold the cheese in his home village. But since 2016, Rass struck a deal with Murray’s whereby he sends young, three-month-old wheels to New York City, and then let’s the cheese experts at Murray’s age the wheels on their own for another nine-month creating this exclusive Switzerland+NYC collab that’s only sold by Murray’s.

Thanks to this unique backstory, Murray’s has an affinity for Annelies, and this year marks another special occasion: To celebrate the product’s two-year anniversary, Murray’s will be unveiling an extremely limited-run two-year-aged Annelies for sale online and in Murray’s stores. As part of the celebration, the cheese shop earmarked some wheels of this special two-year-aged cheese to be turned into a limited-edition ice cream courtesy of NYC artisan ice cream maker Oddfellows.

But why an ice cream? Just because Annelies is a good cheese, does that mean it will make a good ice cream? To be fair, we’re not 100-percent sure yet. Oddfellows is still making the ice cream. But all you have to do is read the cheese’s product description to understand what Murray’s is thinking. “Our Cavemaster coaxes out sweet flavors of roasted hazelnuts and vibrant alpine grasses, with lush undertones of butterscotch and cocoa,” the cheese shop writes. With a description like that, Annelies practically sounds like it’s already an ice cream flavor in cheese form!

“The flavor profile of the cheese will make for a very lovely ice cream,” a spokesperson for Murray’s assured us.

For the intrigued, scoops will be available for $5 a pop at Oddfellows locations across New York from Thursday, August 2 to Sunday, August 5 while supplies last. Or if that’s too rich for your blood, Murray’s will also be giving out samples at both its flagship store on Bleecker Street and at its Grand Central Market outpost on August 2.

And despite all this limited availability talk, the Murray’s spokesperson did say that it’s possible if this run proves popular an Annelies ice cream could return to Oddfellows in the future. Just don’t expect it to be made with the fancy two-year-aged version. No, instead you’ll be eating one-year-aged Annelies ice cream like some sort of poor Swiss peasant.