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EC: Sweet Potato Avocado Toast Is Officially a Thing
Credit: Photo by Abby Langer via abbylangernutrition.com

If you've spent more than four minutes on the internet, you might have noticed how any fad, image, video, song, or thing has to be remixed, reworked, and revised into something weirder than its first iteration. Avocado toast is not immune to this, either. Even though this breakfast fad is pretty new and weird on its own (I mean come on, it's avocado smeared on toast, guys), it too has undergone a weird new transformation that found a way to make breakfast-crazed health nuts even more insufferable. This brand-new demon food goes by the name of sweet potato avocado toast.

This Young Frankenstein-esque creation (RIP Gene!) is the brainchild of food blogger Kelsey Preciado, who found herself hankering for some avocado toast but ran out of bread. Instead, she subbed in a quarter-inch thick slice of sweet potato, jammed it in a toaster, and hoped for the best. Realizing that the slices fit perfectly into her toaster, she let the potato slices heat for a bit before plopping on some avocado. And the rest, my friend, is food trend history.

But much like Frankenstein's monster, the results took on a mind of their own. Sweet potato avocado toast recipes sprouted up everywhere, touting this hell-hound hybrid food as the Next Big Thing throughout most of the summer. Next, sites began to tout sweet potato toast as a gluten-free substitute for delicious, gluten-rich bread. Worst of all, some outlets even had the gall to say that sweet potato toast was the new avocado toast. But to paraphrase the immortal words of Hank Hill, you're not making sweet potatoes better, you're making avocado toast worse.

I will confess: I am a sweet potato hater. I do not get the hype behind this root vegetable. It looks weird, it tastes like soggy nonsense, and its slavish devotees make pumpkin spice latte evangelists look like casuals. The biggest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing mere mortals that sweet potatoes deserved to be pulled from the ground. And don't even get me started on sweet potato fries.

So if you're one of these weird people who loves sweet potatoes for some godforsaken reason, by all means ruin your toaster (and your tastebuds) by making sweet potato avocado toast. But know that somewhere in this universe, one insignificant food writer is judging the crap out of you.