The indie psych rock band dishes about their breakfast habits in the latest edition of Breakfast Beats

Alex Tepper,Lauren Kolm
February 07, 2018

Breakfast Beats is an interview series where we sit down with musicians and talk about the wonders of all things culture, music, and, of course, breakfast.

Sunflower Bean is a band that breakfasts hard. After several years of consistent touring, the trio knows all too well the physical and emotional costs of missing the morning meal. Julia Cumming, the band’s bassist and lead vocalist, explains that "when you’re on tour sometimes you don’t have time to stop… or there is no food for miles in the middle of the country.” As a solution, Cumming and bandmates Jacob Faber (drums) and Nick Kivlen (guitar/vocals) have made breakfast a mandatory part of their schedule.

We met up with Sunflower Bean at Cafe Mogador in Brooklyn and talked about which cities have the best breakfast, why Cookie Crisp rocks, and how McDonald’s coffee is like the Matrix.

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