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Holiday-themed cereal revived after a 3-year hiatus

Tim Nelson
October 18, 2018

You thought it was still time to focus on fall flavors and Halloween-themed foodstuffs? Think again, idiot. The temperature’s dipped below 50ºF in the northeast, which means we’re on to Christmas. While the encroachment of the holiday season might not be welcome news while leaves are still on the trees, at least General Mills comes bearing good tidings.

That’s because the cereal brand will be reviving Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch, the Christmas-flavored cousin of standard-bearer Cinnamon Toast Crunch. First discovered by cereal Instagram poster @Cerealouslynet, it looks like the festive feast is back on after a three-year holiday hiatus. The war on Christmas-themed cereal is finally over.

While I personally haven’t gotten my hand on a box, I believe it when Cerealously says this breakfast treat “rocks harder than fresh coal.” A scan of the post’s comments make it plain that this announcement brings with it plenty of good cheer.


And before you sour Scrooges try to dampen the holiday cereal spirit, it’s worth adding that this Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch revival is the real deal. General Mills confirmed that its return is legit in an email to The Daily Meal, citing the unmistakable enthusiasm of fans who wrote to the company as the inspiration for the cereal’s return. Maybe letter-writing campaigns are good at achieving positive societal change after all.

As you’d imagine, Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch will be a limited holiday run. Given that Halloween is almost here already and Thanksgiving is the one holiday that’s more or less resisted commercialization, you can expect to see the cereal on store shelves before the end of October. A “standard” box (can it fit in a stocking?) will retail for $2.50, while a family size box (the holidays, after all, are about family) goes for $3.99.

In an age where the definition of christmas flavors has expanded to include “Pine Tree”, it’s good to know that General Mills is still keeping things sweet. Merry Toast Crunchmas to all and to all a good bite.  

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