How's your brunch going?
EC: Street Meet: Upper East Side, Manhattan
Credit: Photos by Elyssa Goodman

Every weekend, as hordes of hungry diners wait in line for brunch, Extra Crispy will hit the pavement, visiting a neighborhood’s most popular spots and talking to people who love the meal as much as we do. For this installment of Street Meet, Extra Crispy went to Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Steven Silberman, 29 and Sam Cooper, 28 at Tal Bagels

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Extra Crispy: What brings you to Tal today?
Steven Silberman & Sam Cooper: Bagels.

Of course. And what kind of bagels are you going to be getting?
Silberman: I'm getting a pumpernickel sesame flagel with vegetable cream cheese, lightly toasted.
Cooper: Likely I will be having an everything bagel with some form of lox and shmear.

What did you guys do last night?
Silberman: We drank heavily.
Cooper: We had some alcohol. That was fun.
Silberman: House party, good friends, good times.
Cooper: Good hummus.

What's your favorite hangover cure?
Silberman: I would have to say…a pumpernickel flagel with sesame seeds, lightly toasted with vegetable cream cheese.
Cooper: I don't want to be that guy, but I actually don't get hangovers ever. I have a very interesting liver. It's very efficient! Yeah, it's good.
Silberman: But if you were to…?
Cooper: Oh, if I were? Oh, definitely bacon, egg, and cheese. That's not even a question.
Silberman: It's got all your major food groups.
Cooper: Bacon…eggs…

Do you guys live in the area?
Silberman: I live on the Upper East Side, this one's visiting from out of town.
Cooper: Yeah, I'm from New York City originally but I'm living in Minneapolis at the moment. I'm a PhD student at the University of Minnesota.

How long have you been coming to Tal?
Silberman: Three years.

What makes it so good?
Silberman: Proximity.
Cooper: I will say, I've been here with a mutual friend of ours once and I hadn't had a New York bagel in a while so it has a special place in my heart because I hadn't been back for a year and it was tasty.

Calvin Godfrey, 33 and Nhan Ban, 32 at Tal Bagels

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How do you know each other?
Nhan Ban: We're visiting from Vietnam.
Calvin Godfrey: We work together at the same newspaper in Ho Chi Minh City. That's how we met.
Ban: We met six years ago. It's an English newspaper in Ho Chi Minh City and I worked there and you came in 2010.

How did you originally find Tal Bagels?
Godfrey: I used to be a park ranger in Central Park and I used to eat here all the time.
Ban: His spot.
Godfrey: I think it's the best bagel in New York.
Ban: So I was here for the first time today.
Godfrey: I used to be based in Belvedere Castle and I couldn't go very far. I also lived around the corner, 92nd between 1st and 2nd. This was the best bagel.

What did you guys order today?
Godfrey: I got the flat everything bagel with lox and cream cheese and a half a dozen bialys.
Ban: We shared that one.

Are you together?
Godfrey: Yeah. [laughs]

Ha ha, I can't make an assumption as a journalist, you know how it is.
Ban: He's a journalist as well! This is the first time we got questioned by a journalist. We always go together and question people. This is the first time we got it back!

Lilly Nguyen, 18, Kathryn Stack, 18, Alec Bania, 19, and Mary Stack, 17 at Bluestone Lane

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What brings you guys to Bluestone Lane today?
Kathryn Stack: Lilly's recommendation.

Are you guys from the area?
All: No.
Stack: We all go to college together, except Mary's my little sister. This was in the middle of where we all live.

Where do you go to school?
Stack: Brown.

Cool. What do you guys study at Brown?
Lilly Nguyen: Economics, I think.
Stack: Biology and Public Health.
Alec Bania: Economics.

What did you do last night?
Stack: We just got here this morning.

What looks good on the menu?
Stack: No idea. I haven't seen the menu. Have you seen it?
Nguyen: I have not seen it.
Bania: Presumably some sort of eggs Benedict is a go-to. Any brunch place worth its salt is going to have that.

How long have you been waiting?
Nguyen: An hour and a half.
Stack: We missed the first time they called our names. This is the second 45 minutes.

Kelly Wohleb, 31, Christine Rodgers, 34, and Kara O'Brien, 31 at Bluestone Lane

EC: Street Meet: Upper East Side, Manhattan
Credit: Photos by Elyssa Goodman

How do you guys know each other?
Kara O'Brien: Kelly and I went to high school together, but she and Christine went to NYU together, but then I've known Christine now through my friend from high school for 10 years.
Christine Rodgers: We've known each other for 10 or 11 years.
Kelly: I've known Kara since 1999.

What brings you to Bluestone Lane today?
[all laugh]
Rodgers: You really want to know the story?

Rodgers: I was talking to a guy online, online dating, and he was a coffee blogger so I wasn't interested in him, but before we stopped talking I said let me get good coffee places, so he recommended this place.
Kelly Wohleb: They've already been here once.
Rodgers: We've never eaten here before.
O'Brien: We just got coffee, so we're waiting to try the food.

What did you do last night?
[all laugh]
Wohleb: We were at a wedding!
O'Brien: Their friend from NYU who then I'm also friends who through my friend from high school, she got married.
Wohleb: Christine was in the wedding. It was in Brooklyn at The Deity. We went to bed at about 5am.

What is your favorite hangover cure?
Wohleb: Coffee! Iced coffee.
Rodgers: Coffee and sleep.
Wohleb: Oh, Advil!
O'Brien: Greasy food. I mean, definitely anything involving biscuits and bacon and eggs.
Wohleb: Hash browns?
O'Brien: Hash browns. Then like coffee. I don't usually drink coffee. I'm drinking coffee because we slept for four hours.

Do you have a favorite breakfast after a one-night stand or morning sex?
Rodgers: A plate of shame and regret.
O'Brien: That's more like, I'm just gonna go to bed now and not think about anything.
Wohleb: I like to cook up some lemon ricotta buckwheat pancakes. That's my go to. And I'm married.

Briel, 26, Ashley, 25, and Nicole, 23 at The Penrose

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How do you guys know each other?
Briel: We're here for a friend's birthday.

It's a brunch birthday!
Briel: A brunch birthday!

Is this their favorite brunch place?
Nicole: I don't know. I think she just picked it?

Do you guys live in the area?
Ashley: I live on the Upper West Side.
Briel: I live on the Upper East Side.
Nicole: I live in the Murray Hill area.

Have you gotten a chance to take a look at the menu yet?
Ashley: I did, before I got here, in the cab over [laughs]. The avocado toast looks really good. The salmon bagel, and then a breakfast burrito is always really solid.
Nicole: Our friend said she was going to get the shakshuka.
Ashley: Oh, I read that they had that here!

What's your favorite hangover cure?
Ashley: Water? [laughs]
Nicole: French fries.
Briel: Breakfast pizza.

How are you finding the weather while you're waiting for brunch?
Ashley: I was really determined not to take a cab or an Uber because I wanted to be able to spend money on brunch, but I think I might have to to get back. It's really hot.

Do you have a favorite breakfast after a one-night stand or morning sex?
Briel: Bacon, egg and cheese on a croissant.

Steven Quatela, 36 at Sarabeth's

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What made you choose Sarabeth's today?
Steven Quatela: We're actually going for a special occasion. A friend is moving out of town.

What are you looking forward to ordering?
Usually I have something kind of sweet and then savory. So probably a pancake or waffle, and then an egg dish.

Are you from the area?
Yes, we're from New York. We actually used to live in the city but now we just moved up to Westchester.

Have you been here before?

What keeps you coming back?
The quality of the food.

What did you do last night?
Last night we went to the beach. We went to Croton Point.

Is that where your tan comes from?
[Laughs] It is, it is. Yep!

Brittani DiMare, 26 at Alice's Tea Cup, Chapter III

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What brought you to Alice's today?
Brittani: Brunch!

What do you like about Alice's?
We like the scones. We got blueberry lemon, and vegan banana blackberry.

How do you and your friend know each other?
We went to middle school together!

Are you from New York originally?
I'm from Long Island.

Do you live in the neighborhood?
I do, I live up a few blocks.

What is your favorite hangover cure?
Well, I mean, Gatorade I think is just my go-to no matter what [laughs].