How’s your brunch going?
EC: Street Meet: Maracas Bay, Trinidad
Credit: All photos by Teresa Sabga

Every weekend, as hordes of hungry diners wait in line for brunch, Extra Crispy will hit the pavement, visiting a neighborhood’s most popular spots and talking to people who love the meal as much as we do. For this installment of Street Meet, Extra Crispy went to the shark and bake shacks at Maracas Bay in Trinidad.

Darrion, 21, Megan, 27, and Ronan, 30, at Asha’s Bake & Shark

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Extra Crispy: What brings you to the beach today?
Megan: We’re working actually. [Laughs]
Ronan: Shooting people and interviewing them—just like you.

What do you do?
Megan: We work for a multimedia company.
Ronan: For a client, we’re shooting something for Independence Day. We have to post to their social media page.

Good luck. What did you do last night?
Ronan: I worked last night until 3 a.m.
Megan: I had one too many drinks at a friend’s house, so I’m not feeling 100 percent right now.
Darrion: I had a small lime.

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
Ronan: I skipped breakfast this morning. I was too busy. So, I went straight to lunch: shark and bake.
Megan: I had cereal and a fruit bowl.

  • What’s your favorite shark and bake topping?
  • Darrion: Pineapple.
  • Ronan: Pineapple.
  • Megan: I’m all for tomato, but I love the sauces like tamarind and chadon beni.

What’s your go-to breakfast after a one-night stand?
Ronan: Pancakes and eggs.
Megan: Yeah, like Denny’s food. Pancakes, eggs, and hash browns.
Ronan: Gotta refill the energy.
Darrion: Skip breakfast. I’ll go again. It’s no one-night fling.

Jeff, 23, at Richard’s Shark & Bake

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Extra Crispy: Where are you from?
Jeff: I am from New York, but I live in Miami.

What brings you to Trinidad?
My Trinidadian girlfriend’s cousin got married yesterday, so I came to visit and spend a bit of time on the island.

What are you having for breakfast?
Shark and bake.

Is this your first time having it?
No, I ate it the last time I visited, and once in New York City, as well.

Where? Was it good?
Pearl’s, a small Caribbean restaurant in Williamsburg. It was great!

Which toppings will you get today?
I’m going to have the green sauce, the yellow sauce, the white sauce, the brown sauce, and some cabbage.

Jairzinho Hinds, 37, at Richard’s Shark & Bake

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Extra Crispy: Where are you from?
Jairzinho: Arouca.

Oh, so Trinidad. Were you born and raised here?
Yes, but I moved to New York City in 1999.

What are you doing on the island?
My brother just got married yesterday.

Congrats! How was the wedding?
Awesome. Real good. I drank enough rum, Stag, Hennessy, Black & White.

What’s your favorite hangover breakfast?
I don’t get hangovers.

I play a lot of sports, so maybe my metabolism is very fast. But if I did have a terrible hangover, I’d go for a heavy breakfast like dumplings, cassava, and saltfish.

What do you miss most about Trinidad?
All of this. You can’t just lime and walk on the streets drinking rum.

Elias, 23, and Danny, 28, at Uncle Sam’s Bake and Shark

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Extra Crispy: Are you a Trini?
Elias: I do consider myself a Trinidadian. I’m here more than I am in my own home country.

Where are you from?
Elias: I’m from Syria.
Danny: And I’m Lebanese.

How long have you lived in Trinidad?
Danny: Ten years.
Elias: Twelve.

What’s your favorite thing the island?
Danny: Parties.
Elias: The sun.

What’s your favorite local breakfast?
Danny: Doubles.
Elias: Eddoes and this. [Points to the bake and shark]

Maria, 26, He Who Shall Not Be Named, José, 25, and Jesus, 25, at Richard’s Shark & Bake

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Extra Crispy: I heard you speaking Spanish earlier, where are you from?
Maria: Venezuela.
José: In Maturín.

What are you doing in Trinidad?
José: Vacation.
Jesus: Holiday.

For how long?
José: One month.
Jesus: Two months.
Maria: I just moved here.

What do you like so far?
José: We just reached yesterday. We went to the bar Paprika [then to the beach] Maracas and got bake and shark.

Is it your first time eating bake and shark? Is it good?
Jesus: Yes!
José: Sí.

What’s your go-to breakfast when you’re at home in Venezuela?
José: Arepas with butter, fish, cheese.

So, what are your plans for tonight?
José: Paprika again?
Maria: No, it’s closed.
José: Qué?! Aye, well. I don’t know now.