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But at least they’re cheap

Tim Nelson
August 16, 2018

If you’ve ever tried to get buzzed on a budget (don’t lie, you have), you’ve probably come across some low-rent booze that tastes like it came from a sewer. Well, it seems that one tourist-friendly town in Spain currently has a problem with cheap cocktails where that’s now literally happening.

The UK press is reporting that lads on holiday in the Spanish resort town of Benidorm are getting sick from drinking “illegal”’ cocktails prepared from ingredients clandestinely tucked away inside of storm drains, where bottles and straws mix with brackish water. From there, drinks are assembled in not especially food-safe locations like bathrooms, with fruits washed off under beach showers.

It’s all in an effort to undercut some of the costly (and comparatively clean) beachside bars furnishing drinks for the British tourists who flock to this town. While a professionally-prepared cocktail goes for somewhere around £10, a Piña Colada or Sex on the Beach from one of the roving salesmen goes for about half that. Of course, that comes with the added risk of spending the rest of your holiday curled up on the floor of a hotel bathroom.

The illegal beach drinks racket is nothing new, nor is it confined to Spain. Anyone who’s spent a summer day at Rockaway Beach or Coney Island has spotted the infamous “Nutcracker,” a concoction so bright and boozy that it practically glows. That’s not to mention the recent tale of other British lads on holiday in Greece, who ended up in the hospital after downing some liquor laced with methanol.

As for Benidorm, cops are stepping up patrols in areas near the beach to crack down on these crappy cocktails. And if you’re traveling in the area any time soon, don’t be afraid to spring for pricier drinks that you can see being prepared in front of you. Coughing up a few extra Euros might just be the difference between a vacation to remember and a stomach virus you’ll never forget.

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