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Every day, people throw out 400 million stir sticks, so a guy invented the Stircle

Mike Pomranz
April 20, 2018

Stirring sticks are stupid. They're needlessly wasteful—something you use once and throw away. So product design engineer Scott Amron has come up with a solution, albeit one that is a bit crazy in its own right: The Stircle—a machine that can stir your coffee via a personal merry-go-round ride, no stirring stick needed.

According to Amron’s website, “400 million stir sticks are thrown in the trash every day.” He doesn’t cite his source, but other sites provide equally high numbers. Meanwhile, he suggests that his spinning Stircle can help alleviate the issue. “Less trash, less CO2, less money and more trees,” Amron says of the device which can be embedded into a countertop. “A Stircle costs 99% less to run than stir sticks and it stirs better. It can significantly reduce waste associated with stir stick production, distribution, usage and disposal. It can also replace the spoon used by employees behind the counter, ensuring a consistent taste with zero cross-contamination.”

But though The Stircle costs less, as should be expected, it’s not free. Amron is currently selling the product on his website for the not-completely-inconsequential price of $345. But to hear him tell it, you’d be dumb not to buy one. “A Stircle should stir 50,000 cups on about $0.10 of electricity,” he told New Atlas. Add to that an invaluable amount of peace of mind from not destroying the environment, and the Stircle would seem like a no-brainer.

However, The Stircle potentially comes with some issues of its own. Would people have to wait in line to stir their coffee because the machine is occupied? Or what if the thing breaks after inevitably having coffee spilled all over it 400 million times a day? There’s certainly something here, but is it really the solution we’ve been waiting for?

And on top of that, according to a recent Lifehacker article, you shouldn’t stir your coffee anyway. By not stirring, each milky sip is completely different, making your morning cup a multilayered experience.

New plan: Let’s all just switch to a morning Red Bull. No stirring required.

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