NYC’s Flora Bar makes killer pastries
flora bar sticky buns
Credit: Photo by Jordan Edwards

New York City’s Upper East Side is home to some of the best museums in the country. A truly stunning collection is featured at the Met Breuer, but it’s not a modern or contemporary work from the museum’s collection. It's the sticky buns sold at Flora Bar and Flora Coffee, the natural light-bathed restaurant in the lower level of the museum. Natasha Pickowicz, the mastermind behind Flora’s sticky buns, let us go behind the scenes at Flora to see how it’s done.

Pickowicz’s interpretation of a classic New York City sticky bun actually begins five days before the buns are served. The process starts with brioche, a dough enriched with honey, eggs, and butter give it an extra boost of flavor, similar to challah. After the dough rests and is rolled out, Pickowicz covers it with a thick layer of dark brown sugar, butter, nuts, and spices. The filled dough rests, is rolled into a long long, then sliced into buns. Once the buns are placed in ring molds, they rest once more, this time puffing up to fill the rings. The buns bake, then comes the good part: Pickowicz brushes each bun with her “bun goo,” a drippy caramel of honey, dark brown sugar and heavy cream, then dusts each bun with crushed grey salt.