Recreate New York's buzzy restaurant Frenchette in your own home, cutlery-wise

Credit: Roland Lannier

The shopping days before Christmas are waning. Your inbox is probably full of urgent pleas from retailers to place that order right now, right this second, if you want it to show up by the 25th. Just in case you don't have all your gifts because time is meaningless and December seems to actually last forever and fly by all at once (who, me?), now's probably the time to nail them down. And if you have someone on your list who cares a lot about their kitchenware and the restaurant scene, here's one gift that's sure to delight them: very fashionable, slightly confusing steak knives.

Roland Lanier Tableware's Not Dead knives are the famous "backwards knives" used at buzzy New York City restaurant Frenchette, which was Grub Street's top pick of the year. They've been featured on thousands of Instagrams and are instantly recognizable as a symbol of one of the best new resturants of the year.

But they're not just status-y. They're really excellent steak knives. Unlike traditional steak knives, which have a serrated edge that ends up tearing the meat, these knives have a sharp, straight edge and a dull, curved side, allowing you to quickly cut through, say, a perfectly cooked duck breast or a rib-eye. Bon Appetit editor Andy Baraghani is a fan of them. They'll be useful to your kitchen long after 2018, which is the hallmark of a really good gift.

They are not cheap, though: A set of four will run you $400. It's a big investment, but if you have the cash to spend, they'll be the perfect gift.